The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 8/100, Season 2 - Escaping...

Hello Co-Creators! I'm sorry I haven't been keeping on top of all your blogs over the last few days - I plan to catch up and get back into it tonight! I've had a couple of issues at work that have kept me busy and was so wrapped up in things I totally forgot to post my blog last here goes for yesterday...

• I drove to my sister's home today and arrived while my niece and nephew were still awake so I got to spend some time with them in the evening. The drive was pleasant, I didn't get stuck in too much traffic and there was barely a wait at the border! There is a span of the drive, as you go north on the I-5 that is absolutely stunning, where you see nothing but huge evergreens and sky surrounding you and it was such a beautiful day that it just made me feel so wonderful and blessed to be in that environment surrounded by such natural beauty as I drove through.- I am grateful for my wonderful family.I am grateful for my safe drive and for the beautiful vista I was able to experience on my journey.
• My parents took me to see their new condo which they will be moving into next month. Its a lot bigger than their current one and gets a lot of sunshine - I'm so pleased as I know they will be happier there. They asked me to decorate it for them, something I really enjoyed doing with my place, so I'm thrilled to take on the project! - I am grateful that my parents can afford to move to a place that will be better for them. I am grateful for the opportunity to help them while doing something I love to do.
• I made quite a bit of progress on a couple of work issues that have been pending and one new one which I had to involve my GM in got resolved but only because the agency made a mistake in the first place. Regardless I am glad its not pending resolution at this stage! - I am grateful for the resolution of work issues that have been happening over the last week!

• I spilled some boiling water on my left hand just before going to bed and it feels like it could have been bad. Luckily my brother-in-law who's a doctor came to my rescue and it feels a little better now. - I am grateful to have a doctor in the house when I needed it!

Nothing today!

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