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Day 5 Season 1 What a Day... I am glad I am home and able to calm down

Well, I didn't have a perfect day today. I know I am supposed to focus and journal on the "good" only but I really have to say that today was not good. It began with a small negative feeling that I noticed immediatley when I pulled into the parking lot at work. Then after about an hour when I finally settled into my work station I noticed so much negativity coming from the coworker right next to me. Instead of really standing against it I allowed it to envelope me and my whole attitude changed. I became very rude and unwilling to shake it off even though I recognized it for what it was. I am glad that I recognized it and was able to finally turn it around a couple of hours after getting home and I did lay down and rest and cleansed my soul with a few tears. Any suggestions out there? I am not asking anyone to relive a crappy moment in time but would like to know what you do when you feel this negativity coming all around you?

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Comment by Christine on June 27, 2008 at 1:37am
What I've been doing that has truely helped, has been the Ho'ponopono. I can't even say/type the word without smiling.. but that's not what it's about. You say the following phrases whenever you feel any negativity, or want to keep negativity from rubbing off on you. It really works!

"I love you."
"I'm Sorry"
"Please, forgive me"
"Thank you"

It doesn't matter what order you say it in, I just put them in that order, because that felt the most comfortable to me. Basically what it is doing, is asking the universe to seperate you from the negative feelings. It always makes me feel better.

Something else that I just found, through the daily quote emails from Abraham-HIcks, is using the negative thoughts to show you what you want. As soon as you identify what the negative feeling is, you can say "that's what I don't want". Then say to yourself, "What do I want?" Just the thought of asking yourself what you DO want, puts you into a better vibrational spot. Then what you do want will be attracted to you.

I got that in my email today (wow, I thought it was earlier this week)... and it's been working for me and my boyfriend! :D

I hope this helps for you!
Brightest Blessings
Comment by Elaine on June 27, 2008 at 1:15am
The stars must have been in a bad position yesterday. To use the work "negativity" to describe what I encountered would be an understatement.

I tried to uplift and it was a failure. Then my own defects came out... Yikes what a mess.

The best point of the day was when I realized that I could turn everything around today and in fact things are much better today. My next steps are to get really back in the flow of positive energy by connecting more with the people on this site and positive real life friends.
Comment by Kate on June 27, 2008 at 12:32am
When I experience negativity like that I tell myself that is not my stuff and refuse to partake and then try to separate from the person who is caught in their own drama trying to draw me in. It helps if you can leave the situation if only for a few minutes. If you cannot then I like to think of Mike Dooley's quote Thoughts Create things, choose the good ones. It will take me back to the right place where I can choose to be positive. Or just a small breathing meditation sometimes help. Each time you experience something like this you will shorten the time it affects you. - Kate
Comment by Lisa on June 26, 2008 at 11:48pm
Hi girls, the day is over....shake it off. Get a good night sleep, have a glass of wine. Tomorrow is new day to start all over. Do not let others behavior rub off on you. Let it go! Smile, be polite. I know it is not always easy, but tune those out that are negative.

Email me tomorrow morning before you girls leave for work and I will give you a pep email talk.

Comment by Laura on June 26, 2008 at 11:10pm
I don't know...I had a really off day today started with something small and compounded throughout the day too. I try to "shine light, send love" but today it just kept turning into different thoughts and situations and the day's not quite over yet, lol.
I blew up on the phone with someone who wasn't doing their job and was snotty with me and set me off for the rest of the day. Maybe the planets are misaligned or something? I'm glad you wrote about it though - thanks - I'm going to blog it out too....
Multiple Blessings and here's to a better day tomorrow,

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