The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 9/100, Season 2 - Familia

• I was woken up in the most wonderful way at 7:30am this morning when my adorable niece and nephew bombarded the room I'm staying in to tell me it was time to get up and hug me and kiss me. I did my work, while spending some time with them in between and went with my Dad in the afternoon to check some furniture shops. We had some success with that and got some Thai takeout on the way home. My sister's neighbours and her husband's cousin's family all dropped in so we didn't get around to eating dinner until 9pm or so, but it was nice because they were able to join us for food and there was plenty to go around. - I am grateful for my own loving family and that they have loving friends who care about them deeply and make their house a home.
• Work was pretty calm today so I didn't have to spend too much time trying to resolve hot issues. - I am grateful for resolution to items at work.
• My hand is MUCH better like its been healed miraculously! - I am grateful for my brother-in-laws treatment for what could have been a really bad burn.
• I forgot to mention that yesterday I deposited a bunch of checks that had been collecting in my purse for a few months: 1 was my tax return, and the rest were money owed to me from friends for various things I paid for that they owed me money on. It was great to get a large deposit in my account. As well, I received some money today from my brother-in-law's cousin for something I had totally forgotten that they owed me money for. So all in all, my finances are taking a slow and steady turn. - I make more than I can spend. I get checks for various large amounts of money all the time! I get money from various sources and streams. Money is and never will be an issue for me.

Nothing today!

Nothing today!

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Comment by Zara on June 27, 2008 at 3:56am
Hi PJ, your family sound so wonderful. Good to hear your hand is much better must be yours and your brother-in-laws positive energy:)

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