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Hello Friends!

I hope you are all doing well! Thank you for your supporting comments, it really makes me feel grateful for all that God has given me in this life.

I wanted to share with you my experiences with my 2nd Yoga class called "Inner Engineering." All went fantastic today! I learned some things I've never done before and I also knew a few things that were taught..which is great!! I feel as though I'm growing into the person I always dreamed of.

So, here is the short version of what happened today.

I arrived 45 minutes early to class. We were asked to take our shoes off before entering the gathering room. We all sat on our yoga mats or pillows we brought from home. We were all in silence and were told not to talk to anyone 15 minutes prior to the class starting. When the session began we were instructed to do the three physical excercises we were taught on the 1st day of this Yoga class to prepare ourselves for the "experience."

We watched a video with Sandguru speaking about some very important topics. He mentioned that we need to align our inner self with our outer self. And he spoke about many other deep things.

Then the female instructor spoke and asked anyone who would like to volunteer to introduce themselves. And, I of course did...knowing me...I'm always eager to step up so that I can set the stage for others to feel comfortable in a strange envoronment. That is usually my intention when I speak up during events. That went well..nothing odd happened here.

Than we were told some rules we needed to abide by if we wanted to have a successful outcome during our sessions. Some of the rules were to respect, support and hold all student info. shared in this event confidential. She said that we would all have the opportunity to dump our personal garbage during the sessions. And, that we must respect and keep everyone's personal garbage confidential if we wnated to have a great sessions. So, we were all given the option to agree or disagree; we all agreed. I love that! I was so excited..just smiling..because I've always dreamt of going to a place where you have the liberty to say what you feel and get corrected so that you can repair your inner self in such a comforatble environment. Brilliant! This is better than going to a therapist! I love when someone tells you your faults makes me excited because I can grow much faster.

So, after we were told the rules of the "game" we were then taught 10 physical postions to practice at home twice daily for 40 days and once daily for 6 months thereafter. We than partnered up with someone in the class and did the exercises together one at a time.

Afterwards, the female instuctor gave us a few words of wisdom and asked us some deep questions. She asked us to partner with someone in the class and ask them the question. One of the questions was, "Who is responsible for anything good or bad that happens in your life?" She asked us to give an example of a situation and say who we thought was responsible.

I was happy to know that I knew the answer to this question all thanks to "the work" by Byron Katie. I understand very clearly that we are each 100% fully responsible for what happens in our life, good or bad.

There were other questions we were asked as well. After this long session we were given much words of wisdom by the instructor. Later, towards the end of the session we were given homework to do at home.

The homework consisted of answering questions regarding what we learned in class and also writing down what our experiences for the next day in regards to what we learned in class. We were told that we had to turn this into the instructor the next day. We also have to practice the physical excercises taught in class (total of 13 positions) at home.

We were also warned not to "teach" these practices to anyone because it has to be taught appropriately under the proper instructor. These instructors at the Isha Foundation have to go through 4 years or more of intense training before becoming an instructor. When you need major surgery you go to a licensed doctor it's the same with this or any other Yoga. You go to a skilled and trained professional for safety precautions.

So, in closing this is a short version of what happened in my class today.

I can't wait to see what will happen at the 3rd class! So, far so good. Yeah!! I'm going to sign up for the next level of this Isha Yoga, soon! I'd like to continue this and reach my highest potential. I truly believe it will help me a lot!

There is so much I want to share with you but I don't have anymore energy to write. We are not allowed to take notes during this class. We are being taught to just "BE" and not worry about anything, just being present and in the moment. Isn't this fantastic!!

Well, I look forward to posting my next blog. I will keep you posted!

Thank you all for posting comments on my other blogs regarding this Yoga!! Thank you so much for your support!!

Here's the link to this yoga if you'r e interested:

Much Love and Blessings!!!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

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Comment by Frecia on June 28, 2008 at 12:29am
Thanks for your support, Carrie!! I really appreciate it! You are awesome!! So far so good..I'm still breathing..yeah!!! you've helped me so much. So far there are things that I already know but I need to put them into action and of course this is the hard part. I'd love to continue this Yoga after I practice and get the basics down packed which might take a year or more..who knows? It's all up to me and how obedient do I want to be. I'm sometimes a slow po:) I need some real power and strength...I've got to push my self hard...I need some man balls..hee,hee!
Comment by Frecia on June 28, 2008 at 12:24am
Hey Christine,
All went well in my Yoga class. I'll continue to post as much as I can after each class. I'll post the 3rd class in a few minutes.

It's very interesting because we are not allowed to take notes certain things just stick with you. We are being taught to just "be" and to be fully present. And, I guess that's what's helping us stay so focus as well as the energy that is being felt there full of peace. We watched a video with the positions being done several times. And, than we did a mental exercise pretending to be doing the movements in our minds. Than through the guidance of the instructor and the assistants we were able to remember them through practice and repitition.
Comment by Carrie on June 27, 2008 at 10:35am
Yayyy! I can' twait to hear more about your fantastic experiences! ((hugs))


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