The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 10/100, Season 2 - Small incidents that shift energy

Hi Friends. I've had a pretty rough week. I've been in a funk all week - feeling generally down and out about life, attracting frustrating challenges at work and not being nice about them, hurting myself unnecessarily (hand burn) and generally feeling sorry for myself. I can feel this negative energy and altough I've had some wonderful things happen to me this week (namely seeing and spending time with my wonderful family, depositing checks and gettign unexpected money, having a safe drive to visit my family, overcoming some of my work challenges and getting a lot done on my business plan), I just can't seem to shake this feeling of doom. Something happened today that took me over the edge and really made me lost the delicate balance of positive energy I had left in me.

• I was woken up again by my little niece and nephew who are very cute and fun to wake up to, Although I was quite busy with work this morning, I got to spend some quality time with them. My Mom and sister spent the afternoon cooking up my favorite homemade food for me, while I went browsing for furniture with my Dad and I had a lovely dinner this evening as a result of their hard work! - I am grateful for a family that cares so much about me. I am grateful for my family's unconditional love and the laughter and support they always give me.

Nothing today!.

• I was on a work call early afternoon, looking out the window of my sister's house where my car was parked and someone from the neighbour's house reversed right into the rear of my car (I not only saw it but also heard a big crack/bang) and drove away! My sister knows her neighbours well and they all seem to have decent friends so I was surprised and enraged that no one bothered to knock on our door to tell us they ran into my car as by the time I got outside, they had left. Luckily my car only got a few scratches and our neighbour was able to identify the lady who hit me as a friend of theirs. The lade came back in the evening to take a look at the damage and her husband, who called my sister's house earlier to apologize profusely on his wife's behalf (he had no idea it had happened and hadn't been able to get hold of his wife) was also coming to see the damage. The lady arrived first and enraged me even further by not being at all apologetic and then denying the scratches on my car were from her banging into it and caliming I must have had them before. I know for a fact I didn't and was really ticked off that she would even suggest that, so I basically set her straight. Then her husband arrived, and was very apologetic about the car situation and told me he'll pay for whatever damages I incurred - the complete opposite of his wife's attitude (who by that stage was just smiling and nodding). Overall everything worked out well, but I was just so annoyed by the sheer fact that a full grown woman who knows my sister's family to a certian extent did that and tried to get away with it and it spoiled my entire day - my energy was even more negative than it had been previous to it and I was horrible to be around. - I am grateful that there wasn't significant damage to my car and that the husband of the lady who ran into my car is a reasonable and fair man. I am grateful that no one was hurt and that I don't have to incur extra costs towards my car as a result of this hit and run. I am grateful this week is coming to an end. This weekend and next week will be wonderful weeks where amazing things will happen.

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