The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Life is so wonderful to live. I am very grafetul.

Last days I was very confused and a little depressed. I argued with my husband and I was feeling down. I don't know what happened today but I see everything diferent. In those days, in spite of being depressed I continued saying my affirmations and trying to feel better. I guess it worked because now I can say I want to shout and I say "I alive and I want to be better than I was yesterday".
Life is so good and I feel blessed I have a wonderful husband and two children who are my treasure. I also have a marvellous job where I can enjoy teaching and playing with all my children. I suppose as human we want to have more and more and we don't notice that we are really very rich because we are complete and perfect as God.

We spend our time thinking from mistakes made in the past or feeling angry with others. I once read somewhere," a story of Abe Lincoln when someone asked him that - why he refused to get mad at the people who abused him, ridiculed him and tried to discredit him."

"Lincoln replied that people's actions spring from their character and that many factors beyond their control went into making up their character - where they were born, the people they had associated with, and a lot of other things."

"Therefore,' said Lincoln, 'you shouldn't become angry with a person who blocks your path any more than you would with a tree which the wind blew across the road.

Blessings for all you.

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Comment by Esther on July 2, 2008 at 4:56pm
Lo cierto es que cuando uno va alcanzando sus objetivos, de repente amenaza un estado algo oscuro y es como si fuera una prueba. Pero siempre hay que seguir hacia adelante y no olvidar cual es nuestro objetivo, y nunca perder la fe de aquello en lo creemos.
Me ha encantado tu presentación de objetivos. No solo las frases sino esas imágenes que alimentan aquello por lo que luchas y quieres llegar (o ya has llegado).
Gracias por ser como eres.
Comment by Livinmybestlife on July 1, 2008 at 1:40pm
Thanks for your blog.You know when we let people get us angry we give them power over us. for example..If I wake up with a good attitude ready for work and just ready for the day and then a person comes alone and says or does something that gets me so upset that it gets me off course for the rest of the day then that is giving that person to much power over me.They have just redirected my day and how I'm gonna feel because of their actions. Therefore we have to make a conscience on purpose decision that nothing and no one will redirect our behavior or how were going to feel. So Abe is right! Be Blessed and have a great day. Stay in control.
Comment by Yolanda on June 30, 2008 at 2:49pm
Thanks for sending me your blog. I enjoyed reading it.

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