The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Regrouping in a more positive frame of mind

Well after yesterdays meltdown I have regrouped as I always do and am back into my own writing class, where i find books to teach me. I just realized there is more than one way to learn something and my way is just going to be a little different than most and that is perfectly fine. I am back to reading and studying Writing Fiction" a guide to narrative craft by Jane Burroway, Its used as a textbook in many colleges so it really is good.

The other conclusion I came to was that all this is a choice., Every thought I have about myself and my abilities are choices I make and I can change them at every given moment. I printed out a series of writing affirmations to look at all the time and they are working great. My friend Kay pointed out this morning that I am the Universe so when I scream at the Universe for making it so hard I am really screaming at myself,I am the one who is making it so hard. There is no separation Its all about me, the choices I make and what I am thinking about. So now I choose to believe that I am a fantastic writer, words just flow through me easily, I write beautiful scenes that are engaging and descriptive. Everything I thought i couldn't do now I know I can. Its such a better feeling and so empowering.


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Comment by Dianne Sharma-Winter on July 3, 2008 at 2:59am
Hello friend
I wonder if you have heard of the book with a built in course for creative souls in Recovery? The Artists Way came into my hands as pieces of magick often do at a time when I sooooo needed it. I can't recommend it highly try.
The God/Goddess of the Universe loves us best when we are creative so get in the groove baby and throw your worries to the wind......
peace and love to you

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