The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Is that my ego trying to put a vail over my aware conscientiousness?

It feels a bit like that sometimes.

Especially after I had such an amazing spiritual breakthrough last week and was on cloud nine - all of a sudden I am so tired and my brain is slow and commitment is low.

Its the eb and flow of awareness - that's how I am seeing it.

And I am just riding it to the next level in some way and in another way really trying to push to be aware.

Right now I am seeing my mind as the kind observer and seeing how feels.

Letting my mind go through its chattering until its right for him to stop.

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Comment by Sherry Frachey on July 6, 2008 at 11:03pm
I wonder, too. Yersterday (July 5th was a really fun day. Then, later in the evening something came over me....hard to describe. Is it the ego? hormones? something spiritual or psychic? maybe even some neuronet networks needing to be disengaged? It was really oppressive. So, like a storm, I hunkered down and waited for it to pass..... I still am wondering.....

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