The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 85 S1 - Be true to yourself, and the doors will open!

I'm really recognizing subtle messages, or perhaps they are not so subtle. Throughout my spiritual journey, I have always tried to stay positive, be kind & generous, respect all, etc. etc. I realize that throughout this, I have been denying my true emotions in some respects. Being happy and positive is wonderful! I love it! Yet I know that in doing so, I have suppressed some negative emotions rather than allowing them.

I got angry on Saturday, and let it out. It felt GREAT! A short blog yesterday mentioned the sticky closet door opening smoothly. And today the oven door, that also was sticking and not closing properly - opened and closed like it was brand new.

I worked out a plan to deal with one aspect, and discussed it with those involved and it all worked out perfectly. The second plan is still in process, and I need to work out some aspects. But my previously sticky doors are opening smoothly. I LOVE the message I am getting back. Be true to yourself, and the doors will open!

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