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Not much going on here right at the moment. Ok I admit I have been backsliding. I have gotten away from my meditations. (mainly cause getting used to my new job I am so tired I kept falling asleep) I noticed though that when I am undisturbed at work I tend to do a form of meditation (or something like meditation). Picture this I am running around tying string to huge spools of yarn and thinking the main thoughts I do when meditating. The factory id LOUD but the only thing that disturbs my thoughts is when one of my machines stops. I also find myself singing my little songs and visualising with my eyes open. ( btw co-workers look at you werid when you are singing the money song)
I did notice though before I started this at work that without my mediations and tools I got irritated and frustrated more easily. I just generally felt like something was missing and couldn't figure out what. I guess I need these to center me and help me look at the world from my place of peace.
I am back to my meditating and using my tools though so everything is what I need it to be at this time. I also have had time to get on here because I missed you guys and couldn't wait to see what you had been up to in my absence.
Love and Peace to all of you

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