The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Yesterday was a fun and busy day. I went shopping and bought a new wardrobe with the $3,000 I got. I didn't even spend half of it. I decided not to focus on price so I could get what I want. Everything just worked out.. it's turns out, a lot of the things I liked where on sale.

Here are some updates:
1. Shopping was a big deal because I never used to do it that much. I get anxiety when I'm around alot of people (and when I try on clothes). But this time I worked through it and had a great time with my mom and sister. It was also a big deal because I've been wearing only black and baggy close for the past 5 years. I feel so much better now that I'm learning how to express myself through clothes.

2. I've decided to experiment with listening to different kinds of music to see how it makes me feel. I will listen to only one kind of music for 30 days. This 30 days is a Trance/Psy/Techno kind. I've already discovered some new bands and different genres within this music. Such a Speedcore... which is amazing. Maybe I'll write a blog solely discussing my experiment.

3. I haven't watched the news in about a week... which is a good thing to refrain from for a while. It helps eliminate negativity.

4. I got to see my 3 little cousins yesterday before going shopping and heard my youngest cousin say "bubba"(that's what she calls her brother). I've never heard her talk before then.

5. I started growing plats not to long ago. I have rosemary, mint, and some other herbs. I've never grown plants before this but they're growing really well. (Maybe I'll take pictures)

6. I now have 3 friends. I'm happy.. I like meeting new people.

7. Finally getting an appointment to get my painful wisdom tooth pulled. Sounds weird to write in the blog.. but it's actually something I've really been looking forward to.(Maybe I'll take pictures.. lol joking)

Have a good day, everyone.

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Comment by Tamika LaShelle on July 6, 2008 at 3:05pm
Hey Latasia,

There are some really good meditation mp3/cds available in the trance and techno genre. You should look into mix cd like Psychedelic Trance Experience or The DJs Of Euro Trance. I LOVE MUSIC! I listen to just about everything as long as it makes me feel positive in the end!

Great job on shopping.

Love is...

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