The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 20/100, Season 2 - Financial surprises

• I managed to revoke charges worth $140 today. Firstly my apartment management called and there was some mix-up in my monthly invoice and because I didn't read the fine print (long story), they claimed my rent payment was late and they charged me $60 extra on my rent as a result. I appealed to them since it was an honest and understandable mistake and they reversed the charge so I now have a $60 credit towards my rent next month, which I'm happy with. Secondly, I reordered my prescriptions online and noticed a copay amount of $80 I was to be accountable for, when I've never had to copay for this same prescription previous to today. I called the medical insurance company and they let me know that they had switched me to a generic brand so that charge should not transpire. - I am grateful for having unexpected charges revoked.
• I worked on a document today that my manager indicated was quite good. - I am grateful for the recognition I receive on work I do. I will be fairly compensated for my efforts. My requests for attending conferences will be granted.
• I had dinner at a friend's house tonight and it was really nice because one of her kids was asleep, the other was being cared for by her nanny and her husband was working late, so we got to spend some quality 1 on 1 time together, which we haven't done since she moved here. I also got to play with her adorable baby for a while who was in great spirits and smiled and laughed and gurgled a lot with me. - I am grateful for generous and kind friends who I enjoy spending time with.
• He called this evening to see if I wanted to join him and his freinds for a drink nearby. I really wasn't in the mood to hang out with his friends and he didn't even have to invite me, so I thought that was sweet and that he must have heard me last night when we spoke about issues, but politely declined. - I am grateful to have him in my life.
• I got a pretty funny email from a friend of mine today with photos and thought bubbles related to the photos from the party the weekend before last. - I am grateful for friends who are amusing and make me laugh.

• I haven't made much progress with my diet and exercise lately and need to pick it up this week. - I will get into a sustainable routine tomorrow and will see immediate results.

Nothing today!

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