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My request for healing help and your replies

Hi guys

Yesterday I posted a video asking for healing help for my friend...and that video came from a place of fear. I got some wonderful responses, and I wanted to lose the fearful bit, but keep the responses - so here they are:

Comment by yvette
Hello! I just want you to know that I will pray for your friend to be healed. I am a Christian so I stand on the promises of God and if she is a Christian she can stand on the promises as well.. You know doctors are good but they can only "practice" medicine. God is the healer! Amen He is able. Cancer is no match for the promises of God. I would suggest you get some healing scriptures from the bible and repeat them over and over tell your friend to do the same thing. Speak to the cancer as if it was a person trespassing on your property and tell it to ....GO! Your body belongs to the Lord! Here are a few scriptures there are more...Jeremiah 3:22 Hosea 6:1 Jeremiah 17:14 James 5:15 Be Blessed! God's promises are for the believers of Christ.
Comment by anne
Oh Donna, I'm so sorry. The only thing I could say is Brandon Bays The Journey but I understand that she already know about it. Is she doing it by herself or together with a Journey-practitioner? I hope someone else has more to offer and can help her! Big hugs to you, Anne
Comment by Elisa
Hi Donna: When he hear the word "Cancer" we think in the worst. But there is always a hope in the way. I will pray for your friend and I can share a recipe that a friend gave me. He told me about an uncle who had prostate cancer and with this recipe he healed. The recipe is the following:
1/2 liter of pure honey
3 (pencas) I don't know how to say it in English) of female Sábila or Aloe Vera
3 kitchen spoonfuls of cogñac.
Mix everything in the blender.
Put the mixture in a black jar and leave it to rest for one day.
You have to take it , (one spoonful) 15 minutes before every meal ( three times a day)
And also very important She has to change her nutrition habits. Avoid meat, milk and pork and eat a lot of green vegetables.
The book of Louise L. Hay tells about how she healed the cancer. "You can heal your life"
I recommend it a lot.

I wish light and peace. God Bless you and your friend!
Comment by Sandra S
Donna, so sorry about your friend!! I just want to let you know that I will include her in my prayers.
Comment by Bethany
Oh Donna. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I will also include her in my prayers. I find crystals to be particularly excellent for healing as well as positive affirmations, all that kind of deal. If your friend is open to it, one of the better books is _The Book of Stones_ which gives the metaphysical properties on stones. Information is available online, although I find much of it to be extremely contradictory. Clear quartz crystals can be programmed to eliminate toxins, which would be a good place to begin in her case. I've also heard rhodochrosite is good for healing cancer. Also, black tourmaline will repel negativity (sickness) esp. among those with weakened immune systems. Many of the stones associated with the heart chakra (green) will also assist her to focus on her love center and healing herself...used in tandems with affirmations this is very powerful. A lot of these stones are not particularly expensive and are available as pendants so they can be worn. If you want more info or think she'd be into this, send me an email.

Sending good thoughts...
Comment by Spiritualjaye
Donna, I'm sorry about your friend, please send her our love and best wishes... I've added her to my healing book... if you could post a photo of her, i will get her added to the Reiki and spiritual healing groups I know...

Brandon's journey is always my first recommendation... if she doesn't have, or can't afford a practitioner, she should go to Brandon's site and see if any local practitioners offer complementary services... failing that, she should try to get someone else to do the journeys with her as she will get better results...

There are usually spiritual churches, circles and healing groups, offering free healing for people who are ill... please also remind her that we all have healing in our own hands and placing her hands anywhere on her body, but especially her lungs, will help with the healing process... especially if she can relax or meditate at the same time...

I had a book which i gave to my brother in law, when he contracted cancer, he had amazing results with it and has been clear for more than 3 years now... The book was called "Living with Cancer" it was from the 'Bristol cancer help centre'... they've had phenomenal results with their holistic treatment of cancer and work alongside the traditional medical consultants...!!

They now call themselves 'Penny Brohn Cancer Care', they have a FREE downloadable self-help starter pack....a support helpline and they run various courses... they have loads of information about how to live with and beat cancer...

I would also recommend H'oponopono... "I'm sorry.. please forgive me... I love you... thank you..." over and over as, this is forgiving and loving yourself and being grateful, all in one easy statement...!!!

I also recommend, a new healing modal called 'The Balance Technique'... myGenie has videos on balance and EFT, that take just a few minutes and are easy to follow along... the 7 days to emotional freedom is brilliant for getting to the root cause of problems, emotional issues, understanding and overcoming them...

There are more than a 100 videos and although the site seems to focus on financial abundance, there's a lot of stuff that would help her.. plus David and Michelle answer all the questions posted in the forum themselves... Their knowledge, insight and experience alone is worth the $19.95 a month....

The most important thing she needs to do is BELIEVE... keep trying anything and everything that resonates with her... never give up.... and focus on healing herself and getting well again....

Sending heaps of love, posi vibes and healing to her (and you)... blessings

Jaye xx
Comment by Vibe
Sending my prayers and positive vibes out to her..My Mom passed a year ago of Metastatic Breast Cancer that spread through her body..So I can relate..Peace and Love..
Comment by Spiritualjaye
I forgot to say... 'Marine bed Coral Calcium' is supposed to be a bit of a wonder cure as well....
Comment by Laurie Hanan
I am so sorry about your friend. And yes, we ARE all responsible for each other, we are all part of that one big same thing.

I have found the books of Caroline Myss encouraging and have recommended them to friends with cancer. A good one is Why People Don't Heal.. And How They Can.

I'm sure you will hear about of all kinds of cures, there are a million and one out there and -probably there is benefit to a lot of them. I won't list them all here, because other people will.

My own thinking, and I share this with friends who have cancer and other serious illnesses - there is no such thing as a prayer that goes unanswered. The first moment we open our mouth to utter a prayer for healing, the prayer is answered. Absolutely and completely. This is a LAW of the Universe. What needs to heal the most is what heals first. Most often that is the spirit and not the body. There is physical healing, and then there is the healing that the Universe has to give your friend which is so much bigger than anything you or she could ever imagine.

Of course your friend will be on my list of friends who need God's Healing Grace in their lives. If you could post a photo I think it would help a lot of us to send stronger intentions out to her.

much aloha,
Comment by Laurie Hanan
Okay, okay, okay. I said I wouldn't tell you about any supposed cancer cure. I was going to leave it at that, but there is something pressing me so hard that I have to tell you about it. This man is Patrick McGean and he is doing a study with organic sulfur, particularly with cancer and AIDS patients. His son was "cured" of prostate cancer with this stuff. You can e-mail him at , he will answer your e-mail. He will also speak to you by phone. He is a very nice man and extremely knowledgable. Look over the websites I've listed below and see what you think. This stuff is very inexpensive too, and your friend could take part in his study.

Thanks again - I will be sending all this to my friend, asking for her permission to put a photo up for people to direct healing. And if anyone else has any other ideas - the doctors found cancer in her lungs, liver and we need healing energy and ideas!!

Lots of love


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Comment by anne on July 10, 2008 at 3:22am
Donna, one more thing came to my mind. You maybe want to check out RobC's video on "How to heal your body using your mind". You find it on, his name is Robsreality and it's on the second page of his videos on the topline. Just a thought. Hugs Anne
Comment by DonnaOnTheBeach on July 9, 2008 at 11:27am
Yes, that makes a lot of sense - and it's VERY entertaining to think she has the cancan in her lungs! I've sent this on to her. Thank you. xxx
Comment by Spiritualjaye on July 9, 2008 at 9:31am
another thing.. a bit silly but i can see the sense in it...

Try not to use the word c****r, as saying it, gives energy to it.... think of something cute, funny or positive to call it instead... like... cake, sunshine, flower, love, baby, fluffball, bubble, crystal, I know they sound silly, but it needs to be something that resonates with her... and if you start to say the word by mistake... change it to 'cancan' and imagine the tiller girls, with their very long legs, big smiles, bright lights and sparkle... you can't help but smile then...!!

I'm not sure if it is in the journey or not but there is a visualisation process, which we adapted to help the boys cope with their dad when he was really upsetting them... In Christinas case...

visualise the 'C' as however it appears to her (sludge, coal, black, rocky, fire, festering) then using something that resonates with her, visualise reducing it... e.g. chipping away at the rock with a little hammer and pick so the small pieces can float away and exit the body... or putting out the fire with a big water hose... or turning the blackness into pure white by painting it or wrapping it in a white light of love.... Again this has to be whatever resonates with her...

Beejay used a flame thrower to burn the image to ashes, as he was into robot wars and sgt Bash had a flame thrower... Tom physically attacked it and threw it around, until it was a pulverised heap, as he was into wwe wrestling at the time... lol

I used it, in conjunction with much of the other bits I've mentioned when i had a 'C' biopsy, reactivate itself last year, after 12 months of not healing up (?). My intuition and guides, told me it was malignant and i had to heal it myself, so I visualised it being repaired, then absorbed by a big white cloud which i blew out of my body....!!

There are so many ways to tackle it and some will work for her, some won't... the journey should be helping her get to the root of it, if she can let go and go to source... have you tried it? It is the most amazing feeling, I love it... I struggled to go through the layers the first time... my practitioner friend who was doing it with me, had to tell me i was wearing 'heavy lead boots' to get me to drop..!!!

Blessings Jaye x
Comment by DonnaOnTheBeach on July 9, 2008 at 4:50am
Thank you thank you thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Comment by Spiritualjaye on July 9, 2008 at 12:16am
Donna, I've put Christina's picture on my desktop and will send her Reiki and spiritual healing throughout the day... blessings to both of you... Jaye xx
Comment by Poetry Girl aka mytruestory85 on July 8, 2008 at 5:38pm
wow great picture, for a second i really thought you kissed that 'pharao' ;), I agree with Zara, everything is possible if you believe in it!
Comment by Zara on July 8, 2008 at 4:14pm
Hi Donna, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. The responses on here are amazing, this shows how wonderful the people on this site are! I wish I could give some advice but I don't know much about cancer but I will send your friend some distant reiki and send her my blessings and prayers. Have faith because cancer has been cured so why not for your friend. She needs to truely believe she can be cured and then no doubt she will. She is very lucky to have such a supportive friend like you.XXXX
Comment by DonnaOnTheBeach on July 8, 2008 at 2:22pm

Christina says THANK YOU for all your suggestions - keep em coming!!!

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