The 100 Day Reality Challenge

2 December 2009 - Day 2 - Season 7: Toastmasters

2 December 2009

Went to Toastmasters last night. My role was as general evaluator. Which more or less I can do what I like as long as I get across what was great and what could be improved about the evening. Its a fun role too because it is not possible to prepare in advance, you simply have to find something clever to say and boil down the whole evening.

Had a great chat with some people at the club. That was fun afterwards. We had an interesting discussion about goals and targets and how important it is to make a lifestyle change rather than just achieve one thing by a specific time. That is something I will definitely do.

We heard yesterday that the buyers will consider going into a rented house so that they can sell the house to us, and we can sell to our buyer too. From nowhere there appeared to be 3 extra houses at the top of the chain. The latest of which has just had an offer accepted this weekend. As you can imagine I am expecting a phone call tomorrow morning to confirm that everything is fine and that we will move on 11 december as planned.

Had a good day yesterday. Got plenty of things sorted out. Was perfect. Very productive at work. I enjoyed that.

I weighed in at 12stone 4lbs. My very clear goal is to get that down to 11 stone this season. Looking forward to my run this weekend. 10 miles.

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