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2011 nearly here SO much to look forward to!

Well I have some things I want to manifest in 2011 and actually
thinking about this is quite exciting for me!

OK here's some:

If I get some money I'm due to in late Jan/Feb, most of it will go
on career, with some of that I might start learning & getting
certificates in a few web design codes (else I will start in
September) Depending how much I get I may also use some of it to
promote my group (paid) including an add here where the adds are on
the right for at least a week, maybe a month. And promote my
businesses in Sept maybe too.

Going to Hong Kong with hubby in February for about a week

Going to Ireland with my London LOA group (some of them are members
here) for a week in mid April and maybe meeting up with some PI
members in Ireland too

Finish my life coaching course by the end of April or end of May
absolute max and receive my advanced diploma

(I'm just over half way through!)

Finishing up a couple of projects before I finish my job in late
July and hopefully passing them on continuing to do a good job &
getting more funding for the cooking & another award for walking to
school plus ordering the certificate for that for work & one for my

Continuing to spend some of my lunchtimes with the colleagues I get
on with the best (will see them later on in 2011, not sure how
regularly yet maybe every two months)

More time walking in the park near work before I leave and seeing
the gorgeous birds

Put together a coaching website from scratch and learn all the
codes/programs whatever I need to do a great job & learn more about
web design while I'm at it.

Get even better at manifesting

I'm going back to my home country for a visit in late July/August I
intend to also stop by Australia and see some friends AND see any
P.I. members in L.A. while I'm stopping over (e.g. at a starbucks
near LAX)

Putting some kind of CV together. Contacting supply agencies and
temp agencies & talking to a colleague's hubby who wants to hire me
and I think I want this but only if part time enough pay and some

September I will start building up my businesses, get part time work
I enjoy too and have 2 days off a week one for housework, admin,
chore stuff or any courses etc. and one for building up my
businesses. I will also start changing my eating habits including
cooking at least once a week and giving up caffinated drinks. I will
be walking in the park up to 4 times a week up from 1-2. Which I
enjoy doing anyway. Eating more veggies and less sugar. So I need
to find fun tasty ways of eating the veggies but I will. With more
time and energy (well, that's the intention) I will be going to more
groups, social events, workshops and other things I want to do &
socialising more. I will begin working with a business consultant to
promote my businesses.

I will start spending a little bit more time helping hubby grow his

We are due to move house (well, we've talked about it) to a kind of
loft/warehouse but on the ground floor and that would give landlord
space for a gallery, hubby space for a London showroom & I told them
I want a small office as well if poss.

October is my birthday month haven't decided what to do for it yet
maybe travel to Florence or Athens

November I might start that Nanowro thing and write a fiction story
I have in my head just for the heck of it, the fun of it

Also there's a short NLP certificate course & a short coaching
course I want to do by mid November or before. And by the end of
November I want to have seen the "Pearly King & Queen" in London &
also have gone to the Soane museum on a Tuesday night (1st Tuesday
of September, October or November) and experience it lit up by
candle light (inside)

I'd like to do EFT practitioner level 1 & 2 in 2011 and an ESOL
course but we'll see. 2011 or 2012.

In general in 2011

I want to inject more fun into my marriage it's great but nothing
that more bike riding, frisbee throwing and going out dancing with
hubby won't enhance!

I want to grow my LOA group further, more active members

Build up my businesses and get customers!

Maybe some weekend - 4 day travels with good deals, Euro city breaks
or something. Alone & or with hubby.

And for Christmas 2011 I want to go to New York City or Dubai
(probably NYC) with hubby plus I'm also up for a day of meeting any
PI folks (again e.g. in a starbucks or something) that want too
round that time.

2010 has been amazing in some ways, hubby started a new business
which he LOVES,

I have blasted through some fears and got even more resources,
started my coaching course which is great & I've wanted to do that
for about 8 years! I continued the LOA group I started in late 2009
and we have had SO much fun and seen some great things in London &
beyond and had a lot of laughs & really encouraged each other. I
have re-vamped my social life met these amazing people into LOA
including my group members and I think I have improved my social
skills & charisma. I got the courage to quit my job of 9 years and
continued to manifest some things I wanted and be even more abundant
in a way by manifesting being given some more clothes, food and
money, jewellery and make up.

I learned some more manifesting techniques & more about myself & my
confidence has grown. I've learned more about

the "Allowing" stage of the process. I built two business websites
for people I know (just at a basic level but they do the job & look
pretty good) & I found a new website to help promote my group and
the online membership has doubled from 25 to about 57.

So some things about 2010 have been pretty great too. Hated
November I'm sorry to say but I'm enjoying December and it's fun!

But bring on 2011, I have SO much to look forward to!

Here's to a brilliant powerful 2011 for ALL of us!I'm also going to
continue using the LOA techniques I learned this year or before &
I'm excited to see what new ones manifest! I have found one on this
site (the 4 affirmations 25x before bed) I will be trying in 2011.
I'm excited to see who I'm going to meet. I have a lot of work to
do on current job vibrationally before I leave but I have started doing this

and I have some very
helpful resources and people in my life to help me with this.

OK post eating monster this is NOT funny leave me ALONE!

I added stuff and it vanished so sigh here I go AGAIN

OK for 2010 I also had these achievements and great things:

I got another award for the school I work in and we had a successful year with the cooking/youth group. I got two lots of £1000 funding for them in two different areas. I had some help but I'll admit it, most of it was me.

I did some more travelling which I LOVE to do!

In April I went to Egypt and hubby & I went to Alexandria (my first time there) and re-visiting Ismaila (saw new parts) Sharm El Shiekh and Cairo (saw Mohammed Ali Mosque for the first time, more of Khan El Khalili, re-visiting the pyramids and saw hubby's showroom though it's moved now.

In August I went to Belgium, re-visiting Brugge and going to Brussels for the first time and seeing the carpet of flowers.

Later on in August I went to Germany for the first time on my own except for two day trip tours by coach (one to Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber and one to Wurzburg) and I had a few days in Frankfurt on my own.

Still later on in August I re-visited Glastonbury, the area, not the festival and surrounding Wiltshire. Saw a chalk horse carved into a cliff, a man-made mound, climbed the Tor, saw a Goddess temple and this time I went with my LOA group (our LOA group? Such a great team!) and we had a fun uplifting time, great music & sights & tons of laughs!

So these things ALSO ROCKED about 2010 and as for those travels loved it all SO much!

And the travelling may not be done for 2010 yet.

All going well, hubby & I are off to Barcelona from the 22nd of December till the 27th & seeing things like Sagrada Familla, (can't spell it) Casa Milla, Park Guell and other fabulous sights for a lovely, fun, romantic travelling time!

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