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2/100... shift in the air <3 (intended for May 7th)

Today was my Day 2.  Yesterday (my day 1) was somewhat life changing. I had just gotten Netflix a week prior and the first category i went to to start viewing movies was "documentary". so for about 4 days i watched so many documentaries (ie: 9/11, JFK, James Town, Prisions, etc) that were so sad and actually brought me stress just watching them. then i came across "the secret"- mind you, i have read the book a few times and i have always gotten into it- then quickly lost my fire. after watching it, i gained so many things from the movie that i didn't get from the book. that shifted my day. then yesterday (may 6, 2011) i came across this web site. after reading a few samples and watching a few "day 1" videos... i knew i had to join. so i made a profile, made a video, joined groups and started making declerations! i was so inspired and i couldnt stop! i was on cloud 9!! i went to bed with the intention to start meditating... i woke up this morning (day 2) and when i went to the restroom to brush my teeth, i glanced at the mirror... and like word vomit i said "thank you!" i didnt even know i was going to say it! i was just thankful that i was able to stand up and brush my teeth. i was truly thankful! i continued with my morning, saying 'thank you' for everything (the light, the tv, my body, my clothes, etc). i took a shower and felt so refreshed!! i got dressed and went to my computer. opened my web browser and you know how it always has those little ads on the side.... well i usually dont pay any attention to them, but today i was attracted.... the first one i saw was "4 reasons to start meditating TODAY!" i had to click it!! i felt so much gratitude that the law of attraction was already sent in motion!!! after reading this link it said  "to get started: first, shower and rinse off any negativity" i was like "0_o WHHHAATT!!! I JUST SHOWERED!!!!" then it said "second, meditate on an empty stomach so you don't feel full" I HADN'T EATEN YET!! then it said "third, if possible meditate outside" I HAD GOTTEN DRESSED IN WORKOUT CLOTHES!! i had to stop and just say "thank you" it was like this site was meant for me this morning... i went to this park and meditated... i tried to focus on positivity, my mind wondered a little bit... but i figuer it takes some practice. i felt so calm after, and i really enjoied the outdoors. my day was just lifted from there. On day one, i put alot of emphisis on "money, wealth and abundance"-- and yes those things are very important to me,  i truly felt thankful today for my health... i work for a gentlemen who is a quadriplegic, and we are in Colorado right now because he is competing in "the Wounded Warrior games" it is a special Olympic type of thing for ex-soldiers who are wounded.... we were heading to the dog park, and i was in a vehicle with two quadriplegic's who had smiles on their faces b/c they were going to a dog park. i stopped and said 'thank you for keeping their spirits up and thank you for my health'. i was so inspired by them... then i realized that i am surrounded by many wounded soldiers, some with no legs, no arms, one leg & one arm.... who are just so happy to be apart of something... i looked back at a week ago and i was literally bothered b/c i had to go to the bathroom and i was too lazy/tired and i didn't want to get up out of my cozy bed.. i stopped and felt so much gratitude for my body, and all it does for me. it was such a great feeling. when i came back to my room, i wrote in my journal and said 'thank you' for so many things. it was the first time that i wasn't worried about money.... i gained the acknowledgment of my abundance of health. then i stopped and saw how abundant i really am. in the last month i have received a free trip to Colorado, several free meals from friends, free room and board while i am here in Colorado, free scenery on the drive from California to here... i realized "i am abundant!" i don't know how i didn't notice it before! i live in an abundance of wealth, health and knowledge. thank you! 

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Comment by Nikita Gardea on May 8, 2011 at 12:20pm
Thank you christina! It was such an inspiring feeling to realize my own abundance! Thank you for commenting.... it made my morning! Best of luck to you too.... I'm sending positive vibes your way...

Comment by Christina C on May 8, 2011 at 12:06pm

You ARE abundant! Thank you for sharing, and for acknowledging.   This has inspired me to look more profoundly at my own life.  You are bound for success on this journey. ~ Christina



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