The 100 Day Reality Challenge

25&26/100 (Friday 27 & Saturday 28 June 2014)

-To be more positive.

Being positive was a must this last few days. My son was sick and unable to keep anything down for hours late Thursday night. Which meant a very sleep deprived me on Friday. I wasn't feeling 100% myself and I had to keep myself on the positive side for both myself and my family. I tend to get negative when I am not well and it ends in a downward spiral until at some point I pull myself out of it. Today (Saturday) he is much better, I am still not 100% but that is ok. My daughter is going to her grandparents for a week on school holidays. I have a 2 hour round trip to go half way to meet and my mum and sister. I know my daughter will have fun.

-To keep on track with my health and fitness goals.

Not been well. No gym on Friday as I had planned as my son was ill. I had to take him to the dr's to make sure he wasn't getting worse or was on the mend. I haven't been eating much and I know that is not right. I need to try and focus again. 

-To study hard and do my best in work and study.

I haven't studied, been busy with a sick kid. Didn't go to work again. Had to stay home to help my son get better and I also should of taken the time to help myself, but I don't.

-To have quality time with my family.

I spent alot of time with my son the last few days. My daughter had school until Friday. She goes to the grandparents Saturday. So hopefully we can have a little time this morning to spend time together. I am also hoping to go have dinner at my sisters tonight and spend some time next week with my partner while the daughter is out of town with family, and my son is back at daycare.

-To make more time for friends.

Still no contact from in town friend. Hope they are ok. Hope they are all getting better. Tasmanian friend is busy with 3 kids. I will get a message when I do. Can't wait for a holiday to visit her and the family with my family. But that is a year or two away at present.

-To have 'ME' time at least weekly.

I haven't really had much me time, unless you include not feeling well and trying to rest or do quiet activities like reading to try and ignore a dull headache that won't go away. Actually, I can include that as it is the only time I get to read a book in 3 days. Usually its over the course of a few weeks with the interruptions I usually have.

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