The 100 Day Reality Challenge

3 December 2009 - Day 3 - Season 7: Preparing for the future

Hey guys. I had a really great day. It was amazing.

I got things shifting on the house front. That was good news. I was able to unlocking things and by standing firm I was able to get what I wanted so that we could all exchange and move house. I will hear tomorrow from the agent confirming that we are able to exchange tomorrow and then to complete on the deal well before xmas. Looking forward to it.

Great news is that all of the money that we need to buy the house in already in my account. That is really great news. I am very happy about that.

Had a nice chat with a mate of mine. Very cool. He is buying a new car. I am stunned at how many cars he buys. I think he has owned most cars actually. I wonder if I will ever catch up!

I had a really good time at work today. We were at a session that I found really really helpful and useful. I am so happy about that and I know that it will mean I am able to help my team in the months ahead.

I went for a really cool run. That was cool. Literally. I went for a 6,5km run this evening. In the cold. I wasn't cold long though - I got back and I was roasting hot. I love running in the evening it is so cool. I am running at the weekend - doing a 10 miler. I am really looking forward to that.

I could have eaten a little healthier today. I did ok though. Helped that I went running I guess - so tomorrow I am expecting to get down to 12 stone by tomorrow. You just watch.

The other thing is that I have been working on my goals piece - It is like a programme for the next 100 days - a bit like a concert programme. I am putting the finishing touches to it and I will post it up very soon.

Til tomorrow!!

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