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30 November 2009: Waiting for house contract to exchange

I quickly relaxed after this morning when I got in a bit of a flap after I thought I had lost my wallet - it was in my bag. I also missed my train - but there was another one straight after it. It is a reminder that nothing is that much of a problem so not worth getting into a flap about.

A friend of ours has lent us some money so that we can exchange on our house really quickly. I can't wait. It is going to be so great. We will be moving in a week on Friday, and we will start packing on Tuesday night when we get the boxes delivered from the house moving people.

Today is going to be really great because I will be hugely productive and will get a load of stuff done. I love it when I get into this frame of mind! The other thing is that i want to help more people at work get the best out of themselves. I love that and I will be looking for lots of opportunities to do it.

What else? Well I weighed in this morning at 12stone 3lbs. Thats good. I am the same as I have been all weekend which is quite a feat because I have had an indian takeaway and a 3 course meal, and a sunday roast among other things. I am sure that the 11 mile run that I did helped to keep the weight off somewhat!

Looking forward to going running with the village locals next weekend. That will be very cool. I can't wait. It is going to be absolutely marvellous when I am actually living there and it doesn't take long to get to the meeting place on Sunday morning. How cool is that!

Today, all the money will be in my bank account and I will be able to do a transfer to the solicitors and everything will go through very soon! fabulous work from everyone involved and I am delighted that it has all worked out well!

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