The 100 Day Reality Challenge

3/100: mothers and positive action.

day 3:

Today being mothers day... I woke up this morning kind of in a 'whatever' mood. I was immediately upset because I don't get to see or speak to my mother today & since I am in Colorado, i don't even get to see my family today. So I was bummed. I got to sleep in which was nice... showered and said my 'thank yous'.. i kind of felt robotic, which i didn't like. then i started work- if you read my last blog then you know my job- getting my patient dressed and up for the day- then thats when my actual gratitude woke up... i remembered how some people in this world have it a lot worse. because i work everyday that i am here in Colorado it hasn't given my much room to sight see and explore. so today we (my patient, my self, a friend and his mother) went on a trip to Pike's Peak- i was so excited! i was so grateful for the company i was around and all the inspiring people. i took a moment when we got to the top of the mountain, i looked out to the distance and saw this:


and i thought to myself.... this image alone should remind me that i should never ever be in a 'whatever' mood.... there are so many things out there bigger than a 'whatever' mood. i took it all in and just said thank you... the entire trip up the mountain was a great experience. it was beautiful and i wouldn't trade it for the world. i am so grateful to have a wonderful body so that i was healthy enough to make this trip to see this beautiful view with my eyes. this picture does it nooooo justice!! breathtaking... AND my day was full of abundance!!! i received a free trip up to the mountain! i received free snacks on this mini trip and free dinner! i am so abundant!  i am always receiving postitve things! its truly amazing!! i live a life of abundance in wealth, health and knowledge! thank you once again for awaking a spirit that was there- but had just been untouched for awhile. thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! i feel amazing!!! 

(this is me below)


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Comment by Jiji on May 16, 2011 at 4:12pm
Amazing. And what a beautiful view!!!
Abundance flows to all of us, we just have to allow it !! :)


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