The 100 Day Reality Challenge

364 anonymous postcards... wishing a great day to unknown people

Day 1 Season 1

That idea had crossed my mind in 2013. I shared it with a friend but never applied it.

One day, while taking a walk, an image printed itself on my mind and only disappeared after two things:

1) Once I drew the picture with a message wishing a beautiful day in three languages.

2) Once I dropped it in a random mailbox.

January 1st 2014, I took the resolution to create a card each day of the year and drop it in a random mailbox. But then I didn’t. So far I have made and given 47 cards: my entire building and some houses down the road. I kept the goal to reach 364 cards, and I will do it. Joining this community will help me because it reminds me I started something inspired from some stardust out of the blue. I have a small inner mission to finish.

To be nice is too often seen as being “too nice” as being silly. Kindness is a virtue and a positive vibration. The world is missing it.  I chose not to search for a reason and trust my feeling:  To wish something good to someone without expecting anything from that person, not even a smile, not even a sign of gratitude. That person will never know where that nice gesture came from and that’s the magic of it.

Maybe that person will start her day smiling or wondering or dreaming… maybe her mind will be opened to new positive thoughts or to the hope of a better life.

I like to think there is no need to go to the other side of the world to start a good wave so I started from my little “personal bubble”: my building made of 42 apartments.

 Fun fact: One of my cards was thrown away as « spam ». I smiled and thought: “Maybe there will be one smile or one touched hearth out of 10 cards… and that’s something”.

A row of about 10 cards were displayed on the top of the mailboxes as to wish a good day to all other neighbors. I collected those at the end of the day and put them in new mailboxes. Next morning, on my way to work, I dropped some “have a great day” cards.

It’s not an invention, this isn’t new. I am sure that a lot of people have probably done that kind of things around the globe. But isn’t it wonderful people can have the same inspiration all over the world?

I am just so happy I took that step and created those first cards. I loved drawing and writing on each one of them for beautiful strangers.

Does your hearth also inspire you such things?  If there are creative kindness waves locked inside us… let’s step out, free them and offer them to the world.

This first day made me realize that I need to stay focused on my inspirations.

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Comment by Mily So Cavaco on June 14, 2015 at 5:23am

Thank you for your encouragement Chrystyna  :-)

Comment by Chrystyna on June 13, 2015 at 10:14pm

Wow.  They are magical!  Love your idea.  Looking forward to more stories and more photos.


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