The 100 Day Reality Challenge

4. day of the season/ trust , receiving all flow of money my way....

hi everyone,

today starts peaceful, yesterday i started my 10euro gastrojob...all together it felt good.
though i have observed myself pritty much connected with this collective consicous of
distrust und pessimism that my bills will be payed in time. that this will only bring good money for a while than i am back in the old circle of worring about it. and anyway i have achieved nothing cause it
is still just one of these servent jobs.
well, ok i do appreciate myself for that i do get payed 10euro an hour, that the guy that runs it is well looking after a harmonic and fair atmosphere between the employees.
also this morning i started some affirmation: i love myself!! i respect myslelf! I know how to look after myself and be independent financially , i accept this now!! i love myself even if i make mistakes, they
are part of the growth. I deserve to pay my bills on time, plus have enough money for all my extras. i deserve to have a good relationship with my colleuges and employees, whilest at the same time have great joyful and loving friends, whiles being youngs and sporty ,w hilst being highly creative in my performing area. i deserve all this . it comes as one. i receive it now. I am a huge lake, my arms are wide open for the money from all corners that want s to flow towards me......there is plenty.....i can feel it.
coming towards my way.

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