The 100 Day Reality Challenge

48 Day <Insert fun> challenge!!!!

I love a good challenge because they help keep me focused and inspire me to be at my best. So for the remainder of S8, I'm embarking on a new one I'm coining "insert fun". This is what I'm calling my pivot process where whenever contrast is noticed I thank it and then make a conscious decision to "insert fun" into that moment then milk the moment for as long as I need to.

Read this quote by Abe Hicks a few weeks ago that inspired me to start seeking FUN and since then I've liked how life's been flowing

"It should be easier. It should be a LOT easier!!! It should be easier for ALL of you. You should be having fun. NOW.

In every moment you should be either nterested, eager, or feeling fun.

In other words, that is the way life is supposed to be for you, with brief little spurts of contrast to help you keep moving forward. But this beatin’ the drum of what’s wrong thing, is way out of hand."

Lol @ way outta hand.. to be interested, eager & have fun!

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