The 100 Day Reality Challenge

5-2: BUILDING: Letting go of the past, acceptance of the new path and a glorious future

  Hello, masters of building energy!!

     Take a minute to reflect on what you're building today with it:

      A house?  A hill?  Are you using cement or feathers?

BUILDING: Decree for 2015

     I am not limited by the conditions I live in. Every human being is imbued with resourcefulness, strength and will to do what they feel in their hearts. And this is what God would like them to do. Create.

     No matter where I am, what is the circumstance, who's around me, who wants to prevent it, who's jealous. No matter the energetic ties that bind me to any place in my own mind, body or emotion. I was made free, therefore, in real consciousness I'm free. This is the energy that makes me.

     The possibilities are infinite and unlimited. Not just a few, not some, not a certain indefinite amount. I just need to train my vision to see more than it HAS BEEN USED to see.

     If I'm here, there is a purpose for my life. There is a purpose for everybody else too. They're here to live like I am, so I'm supposed to live with them. Human touch was created for a reason. Heart touching has its reasons too. I'm not supposed to control the way people act, this is not up to me, however, I can create my own actions (this is freedom too). I use the right to defend myself and block any energies that are directed to reduce this power I just stated that is inside of me to do my creation.

     I am free. I am free. I am free. I can be inside a prison cell while I read this. I am free. I can have many bills to pay and no money at all to pay them. I am free. I can feel I'm stuck with a habit that just doesn't stop and compromises my human potential to grow to it's fullest and burn bright. I AM FREE.

     I decree the situation I've been living until now (visualize what it is) is gone right now. I am letting go of it right now. My new mantra is I AM FREE. The right people and friendships are arriving. The new love is arriving (if you're married, you're gonna fall in love again with ur mate again, in a better way!). The adequate situation if unfolding. I now feel alive. I now feel adequate. I now feel free to be me. Not what society wants from me, not what capitalism wants me to be, not what 'reality' wants me to be. I am what I'm supposed to be.

     If people call you a pig over and over, does that make you a pig? No. If people call you crazy, incapable, lazy or just bad does that make you so? No. So leave your powerful energy called EMOTION out of it! Do not give it, do not spend it with this. But if it moves you, let the move show you what you need to know.

     Don't be afraid of your dark side.Of your sadness, anger, rage, fear. They're just half of something. Halves are completed by their counterparts. No sadness lasts forever, no anger lasts forever, no rage lasts forever. No fear lasts forever. It's a journey. Let's not be afraid of roads and streets and avenues. They're channels that serve as transportation to different places.

     I accept the new. I embrace the new. I allow the new to come into my life. The Universe knows what I'm saying, it knows my energy, my desires, my wishes. It's already coming to me (the answer, the idea, the money, the friendship, the love...)

     My future is glorious! I am excited and inspirde by the things I will still do! It will be so beautiful! I'm inspired by the places I will be in! By the wonderful trips I'll make! By the money I'll spend in what I love! Thank you, Universe for such a wonderful future! WOW! It sparkles and shines and revolves around me and it's astounding!

I am grateful for this day. I am grateful for my life. I am grateful to share my life with other ppl, different ppl that show me known and unknown facet of myself, I'm grateful for my family, I'm grateful for the perfect laws of the Universe, I am STRONG.

"I'll rise like the break of dawn"




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Comment by Yogini Jeni on January 26, 2015 at 10:06am

What an inspiring post!!! I too am excited and inspired by the things you will do. I can feel your powerful manifesting energy jumping off the page as I read this :)

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