The 100 Day Reality Challenge


I am free. I am free. I am free RIGHT NOW.

I am born free. Freedom is my nature, my right and my state of being.

Free in a prison.

Free in a mission.

Free amidst tribulation.

Free during times of transformation.

Free in times of political change.

Free in my home.

Free in the streets. Always protected. Always guided.

Free past, present and future.

I release any and all beliefs from my conscious and subconscious mind that imprisons me in my day-to-day living.

I decree right now that I AM FREE.

Process of building:

     I do have this way of doing things: when I want to learn sth I have a tendency to research everything I can find on the topic. I found articles about freedom, "The freedom song", by Jason Mraz (which I highly recommend for a high energy injection on good and bad days), I found the freedom speech in the Braveheart film which remarks "They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom", and so on, and so forth.

     Truly: WHAT IS FREEDOM? Does it come from the inside or the outside? Do we decide to be free or are we free according to certain circumstances that define us as so? Is it possible to be in a prison IN YOUR MIND? Is it possible to have a free mind nowadays?

     I take no answer as granted. I really discern on everything and advise the same! The more "critical" we are, the more we learn. The wiser we become.

     I wrote the building words as a symbol for my freeing myself from all past experiences, all limiting beliefs and as I did so I remembered the last house I lived in during my childhood. It was very big and located in a nice neighborhood and I felt imprisoned. I couldn't go out often. I was afraid of ppl... (this is so personal, but necessary to be said).

     As I journey on I will remind myself of my freedom, which I do believe comes from the inside. I do believe Mandela was free even while arrested. and I leave this post on the site to remind everyone about their own freedom, or at least reflect about it. I invite you to enrich this post with your comments and tell me what do you think freedom is and if you believe you are free or not.

     I wish you all, beautiful co-creators a lovely day, a lovely evening, a special moment after reading this post.

     And I'll keep repeating: I AM FREE, I AM FREE, I AM FREE to build a strong foundation in my mind, body and soul!



P.S.: I found such an incredible article while right after I wrote my last post! If you can, read it too!! Its about new years, resolutions and RESOLVE.

P.S.2: It's been a great week, full of work and play. Carnival has ended and now begins the year (in Rio, at least). I've been working on this new beauty company and ACTUALLY MAKING MONEY. It has conquered Latin America and soon will be in the US! I'm also working on my new informatics course which will be a coach for older people so they can learn how to use the computer. If everything goes well I'll have 3 classes to teach by MARCH.

     I also have been more organized. It took me 3 weeks to clean my room after I set the goal to keep it clean and then 1 week to clean it again, which is A VICTORY for me.My goal is to organize it every week. I've been receiving this silent intuition to praise myself and go for what is working. Sth I need to build also. See you next post!

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Comment by Let there be Light on February 23, 2015 at 12:41am

You would achieve anything you put yourself to. And you girls can do it. I can do it. You would know you're guided to make the good decisions when you're aligned with yourself. You would find solutions and feel lighter. This is the power of the human potential, right? :)

Comment by Sunny Side Up on February 23, 2015 at 12:03am

I have a lot of limiting thoughts lately about what I can accomplish in my personal life, regarding my kids and where we live. I guess if I didn't have them, I would be working more on moving, and being more organized and devoted at home. But I just feel very tired, like I can't do it all.

Comment by Let there be Light on February 21, 2015 at 10:51pm

Hahahahhaha well, that's reasonable! It's been so hot in here that would trade with you for a week, I swear. I asked for you both, because I'm thinking of a future post about "mindful thinking". When we think of "no limits" we can do so much more with our lives... Maybe if we could be bold enough to imagine what we truly want we would have it! I'm just throwing ideas here, I learn a lot with you! :D

Comment by NATURE LOVER on February 21, 2015 at 5:41pm

Hello again Light !  I didn't know if the ( P.S  question ) was for me as well ! :D     So , this is my answer :

I would take a ticket for Rio  in order to avoid the ( -35 and -40 ) that we had here in Quebec during the past week !  Anyway ,  my limiting thoughts continue to fade away every day cause I'm more determine than ever to create a better life !            So , just be grateful and enjoy your warm weather !  XD !

Comment by Let there be Light on February 21, 2015 at 4:00pm

Hi girls! Tnx for the comments! Nature: thank you for the freedom wishes, I'm glad you enjoyed the post! I'm feeling much better now that I wrote this on the site. I've been feeling a lot more better in general, even with the challenges I face in daily life! Sunny: I love these references because they enrich our journey A LOT! I'm already trying to download the book. I think this is the definition of the development of human potential: people evolve and go beyond what they thought they could. Now I have Frankyl to tell me more about it! thank you!! :D

Have a great day you two! :D



PS: what would you do if you could discover and free yourself from the limiting thought that has been denying you from the benefit you wish to achieve in your journey???

Comment by Sunny Side Up on February 20, 2015 at 4:51pm

HI LTBL! For some reason your post today about freedom, and your point that even prisoners can be free, reminded me of Victor Frankyl Man's Search For Meaning. Even while a prisoner in the concentration camps, Frankyl found meaning and hope in thinking about his beloved. That was his choice to do, and no one could take that from him. It's inspiring because if he could do that in the midst of terror and death, then we too can change our thoughts to be free and have hope. Thanks for reminding me of this great book!

Comment by NATURE LOVER on February 20, 2015 at 10:50am

Hello Light !

                      Glad to hear you that things gettings better in your life !

You also started to be a money magnet !

Indeed we are born free !   We are free to choose our thoughts ! Free to create the life that we want !

Thanks for reminding  !    I will start to talk more about FREEDOM in my daily affirmations !  

Lots of FREEDOM for you !   :D

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