The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Dear auspicious authentic cutting-edge Co-creators,

     I'm so glad I'm here. I am blessed for being able to share my journey through a whole 100 days on how making my life better while seeing all of you making your lives better. I can't let that go by unnoticed. Have you ever realized how many people are unsatisfied with their lives? Waking up ina cranky mood, "going with the flow" of outside conditions, feeling trapped by their own feelings and the feeling of the ones around them. Is that still life? Yes, but we have the opportunity here to set intentions, to take responsibility for our own lives and make it yummy, or juicy as Lilou says.

     I've learned so much and I'm depply, utterly, undoubltedly grateful for this journey. And I'm going to tell you how I've been feeling so far.

     I've been feeling strong, open, aware, attentive, mindful and present. It's not the whole time, but it's enough for the day as the days go by. I'm being able to keep positive even when it all "goes wrong" haha. It's so nice to understand that life is a flow of experiences and the goal of it all is not being "perfect" as in "no mistakes made". It's about participating, interacting and making life as you go through it.

     I've been having many insights about life.

     We live in such an abundant world! Nowadays we have all kinds of activites and lifestyle for all types of people! Imagine that.So many possibilities of living, and what are we doing with those? Are we opening and enlarging our visions and viewpoints?

     Beyond that: we're living in a period of changes and we should treat it as such. For me, my insight is it will be nice for me if I choose what I want for my life and leave the world for the world. I can respond for what I believe in.  You know what feels absolutely amazing? Coming to peace with it. All of "it". Even the stuff we hate. Recognize their role in our evolution.We're living, we're alive, and that's the essential. And that's why we have it. There's a weight that goes off our backs as we do this and our mind suddenly becomes able to think more solutions for our lives. We've given it some empty space it can work with for creation. Maybe that's what the space we have here on CCOR is too. A breathing room for ventilation of the mind, the heart, the body.... The soul even.

     For me, I've been working, sleeping late and waking up late, having family meetings which are bringing my family closer together for better times, better responses to life, great sessions with my psychologist and most of all: good will to keep going. That's much more than I could ask for...And I'm living it! \o/

     Last year I was a complaints box: felt trapped in college, lethargic, dissatisfied with life. This year I have many running projects, ZUMBA!, a new company I'm working in, a course I want to start in april, a friend that wants online classes, a new coffee machine and a smartphone, great lunches with my dad and sis in nice restaurants, and much more! I'm deeply thankful for that too! Thank you Universe, you speak abundance and now I speak abundance! This inevitable good feeling comes from the work I've been doing here, FOR SURE. Thank all of you who read my posts (or just glance at it ;P) and for the support.

Have a great week everyone. Keep up with it! \o/

Juicy Journey.



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Comment by Let there be Light on April 1, 2015 at 11:18pm

Hi Jen!!!

Tnx for the comment! I will use that! I entered the group of "uplifting questions" to think the good stuff like "it will get better and better". However, some parts of me still think "What? You need to prevent the bad stuff from happening, YOU FOOL!". And I don't wanna be a fool :/


Light. :P

Comment by Yogini Jeni on April 1, 2015 at 8:51pm

YAY!  Just think: it will only get better and better! Happy Manifesting, my friend! xox

Comment by Let there be Light on March 29, 2015 at 10:07pm

Hahaha! Tnks for the comment, ED! I wish you the MOST peaceful day!

I love abundance too! \o/

Katia is sending a coffee hug!




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