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5 after 5 and a beautiful melody

It's funny how the human mind works.  This afternoon on my way home, I noticed that the clock in my car read 5:05pm and I remembered that, that was the time my father would come home from work everyday right on time.


As I was remembering waiting for him to walk up the steps of our family home, I started humming a tune and realized that that too was a connection to my father.  My parents loved Frank Sinatra, and this one is my favorite. 


I remember loving this song as a girl and having my father play it over and over again.  I forgot all about this song, until I remembered the time.  I wonder if there's any connection.....hummmmm. Anyway, it was a beautiful memory of my father.


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Comment by Maria on June 1, 2011 at 3:24pm
No, my father passed on in 1996. 

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