The 100 Day Reality Challenge

well the research has been done, the decisions made - I have limited my first 100 days to 10 goals, and I will apply the 3 rule - a habit new or old can be created or changed in 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months - so that really takes me to 93 days - so with the last 7 days for a celebration after that time and time to reflect and review the next 100 days journey it all works quite fortudiously. SO I need to state specifically and with a clear defined focus the 10 intentions I put to the universe and the + factor I have decided to include - it's been a really thinking type day.

SO PLEASE LISTEN UP UNIVERSE this is what I would like help with

  1. Health - loose weight to decrease my blood pressure, to decrease my cholesterol level - this means watch what I put into my mouth - it's all about portions and choice
  2. Health - exercise to work with no 1 and improve cardiovascular health, circulation and knee joints and improve energy levels
  3. Health - meditate to relax and decrease my cortisol levels - really hate the effects of cortisol - so waist line look out
  4. Health - support my spiritual side - teacher where are you - so universe I'm ready there=s you r cue
  5. Health - take care of my outer body - hair, nails, skin - take that little extra, who's kidding who - just do what you should be doing - take the mantra of SEX IN THE CITY - it's all about me
  6. Get creative and indulge - paint and photography
  7. Declutter - start with my own space - clothes / wardrobe
  8. Declutter - move outwards in the house
  9. Finance - hopefully feeling stronger, energised so time to start looking for ways to make money
  10. INFECT OTHERS WITH LIFE - this is my + factor - every day that the universe supports and nourishes me I intend to give back

so I have thought long and hard about my 100 day challenge and I am ready, well as best I can be and I am excited - so thanks to the other cocreator blogs I have read and that have inspired me to begin :)

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Comment by sunshine on June 30, 2010 at 2:15pm
Great post Lily!! Thanks for sharing :)

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