The 100 Day Reality Challenge

It feels a somewhat symbolic day, the last day of January. To me it is the 5th day of the challenge and it feels as if today is the last day of my beginner stage in this challenge. :-) If I can say, it was like a "warm-up." :-) I am still considering posting a daily message on this blog, and analyzing the paragraph from the self-development books I am reading. When I share and analyze what I read, I feel I am absorbing the concepts more deeply.

I am happy that every day I am working on improving my attitudes. Sometimes it takes a bit of fighting with ego, however, it is wonderful to know that when the situation is too hard for us to bear, we can ask for help from Universe/ God. It feels so great to know we are never alone. We only need to open our hearts for help.

Also, it's good to remember that all the problems we see are in most cases caused the perception of our own. We should not create tension in our lives by expecting EVERYTHING TO BE AS WE WANT at that moment. I think this is the greatest challenge to understand that Universe knows what we need at that moment and sends us the people, the situations that we need to learn from and in which we need to look for the opportunities.

Think positive.
Trust and ask the Universe.

By the way, I love having the flowers at home even in winter time. :-)
And I appreciate them tremendously for their beauty and harmony. Nature is oh so perfect!

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