The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Already 1 week on season 4!

Each day i do my best to stay positive , to think positive and feel confident, 

every day i have to deal with pessimist people, news and conversation but i try to avoid these subjects and i don't want these things to have an impact on my life !!

infact i am getting, as a result, many new job proposals, and i am working, having fun and getting money, and i feel nice, healthy and strong! yippeeeee!!! :D :D :D 

all my activities range in the artistic fields-------- that is what i love so much...!!

So i am very , very grateful to receive job commission , people ask for my artwork and professional help!

Yesterday i took a walk near where my mom lives, and  it's such a rich neighbourhood ,

with so many beautiful houses and mansions, it makes me want to make it possible for me too!!

i am now ready to  live in a beautiful house to enjoy and share with all my friends and more people and children!

I know that for many year i had different and contrasting thoughts about this ,

but now i know that i deserve to live in a wonderful place, and all the best that can happen to me!!

today i love my cat, who fits perfect into my house furniture and decoration!

i love all animals and pet in general! they are perfection in action!

In these week i also started to listen to every day to a self confident improvement audio lesson

of 30 minutes these are some exercises:

“A jug fills drop by drop” The Buddha

Read through the exercise before you do it for the first time…

  1. Imagine a slightly more confidence you sitting or standing in front of you.
  2. Now, I’d like you imagine stepping into that more confident you. See through their eyes, hear through their ears and feel the feelings of your more confident self. And notice that right in front of you is an even more confident you – sitting or standing a little bit taller, a look of slightly more self-belief behind their eyes, emanating a little bit extra charisma.
  3. Step into this more confident self, and notice that in front of you is an even more confident self –more passionate, more powerful, more at ease, more comfortable.
  4. Repeat step three, stepping into a more and more confident you until you are overflowing with confidence. Be sure to notice how you are using your body – how you are breathing, the expression on your face, and the light in you eyes.

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