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8 December 2009 - Day 8 - Season 7: The Day of Reckoning

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So, this morning is the day that we exchange, as planned, smoothly, and precisely. I get a phone call very shortly after 9am this morning which confirms from our solicitors that we have exchanged both with our buyer and our seller. We will be moving in well before Christmas. The completion date will be at the latest on 18 December. We agree an even earlier date for completion just following confirmation that we have exchanged.

The cake that Maria bought went down well. That was lovely of her to buy a cake to celebrate! I am so happy that we have exchanged and everything is now full steam ahead to moving date. We have also agreed with the removals company that they will move us on the date that we want to move and that everything is perfectly sorted out with no issues at all.

Really looking forward to moving in to our new house. It is going to be so great. Meeting the new neighbours, showing our friends our new house, spending time in Pluckley village, enjoying the lovely Dering arms pub just down the road, and having a generally great time.

It is also perfect because I go running with the Greensand joggers who are a number of villagers from the local area who get together each and every sunday to burn off some calories for the date. It is so cool to have a ready made network of friends - and we will be inviting them to a house warming party in the next few weeks along with all the other friends that we have. I can't wait for their great reactions to our new home.

Our new house fits perfectly with our lifestyle. It is a bungalow which means that it is an absolutely perfect home for us because it is so incredibly flexible and that we are able to have a number of rooms for different functions. It is going to be so fabulous that we can move things around and see how everything works best in terms of layout. I am really looking forward to spending time in our new home. It is such a great house!

Work today is marvellous because once we have exchanged contracts on the house I am able to completely throw myself into getting things done to fabulous effect. Everything goes really well and smoothly, and I am able to really make things happen for me and everyone else around me. It is perfection itself. My perfect working day for sure. I wish more people had such a great working experience as I do.

In other news I weighed in at 12 stone 3lbs this morning. Which is great news since we ordered a pizza delivery last night and enjoyed some wine. That was really lovely. I am looking forward to our first meal in our new house. It is going to be so marvellous and such a happy occasion. I can barely contain myself!

I did some work with weights last night. Bicep curls and also stomach crunches with the addition of weights. It is helping me tone up really nicely and I am already starting to notice the benefits of it - both in terms of my generally appearance and in terms of being able to burn off calories more quickly and effectively.

I am sat in my favourite cafe at the moment. I have just had a perfect breakfast of poached eggs on brown toast which was absolutely lovely. I know that when we move house I will be able to really enjoy making some breakfast in the morning which we will be able to eat together before we leave the house to get the same train to London. Perfect.

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