The 100 Day Reality Challenge

89 day the echo of my 40 days challenge :-)

I have accomplished my 40 days of gratitude, setting intention and mediation few weeks ago. Also during this time I exercised and did took up stand up Paddle board which I did before but not on the regular basis. 

I am 2 weeks after my 40 day. I wanted to see how it will influence my life. Few things stayed I can not fall asleep without doing my gratitude journal I love it and I have always new things to be grateful for,even on a bit low day I may need to think harder but come on there is always something to feel appreciative ;-)

Besides I am not able to not exercise even if its 10 minutes yoga I do that and feel fantastic afterwards. The best thing for me I found my passion sport I never thought it happen I used to be a girl in sport classes at school who had period every week. And now I found I love it I miss it, I can't wait to do it next. It is stand up paddle board I do that at least 2x week I found my SUP buddy who pushes me to my limits, nobody did it  before. He just believe I can do certain things and since I got my confidence in me I can paddle non stop 1 and 10 min and then carry my desk. My first time we went did little distance and then my lovely buddy had no other choice but tow me to the shore I was a jelly. Last week we did the my goal distance from my list I though I had to train for it for another few weeks I was so happy and proud. Winter is now her and just got my wetsuit to keep my passion alive :-)) 

Also I have attract 4 unpaid patient even though they are unpaid I am very grateful for challenge and hopefully for future referrals :-) 

Since my 40 days I slipped few times with meditation but as soon I do I can feel it almost immediately less focused, more emotional and less optimistic thought emerge so I get myself back to it as soon as I can.

There is something amazing awaiting me in June - Joe Dispenza Seminar in Sydney which I am so excited to go :-)))) if you didn't hear about this man check him out - he is genius so are you :-))) Love and light hope you are doing amazing  :-))))

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