The 100 Day Reality Challenge

A Change in Viewpoint makes all the difference

Day 63 Season 5

I have been in a strange place and last night it got into overload. I have had a lot of medical and dental things going on this month, so much so I feel like I am getting overwhelmed. First there was an annual exam and a referral to a surgeon about a discoloration on one of my breasts. They think its fine but I am having a mammogram and ultrasound next week. I also have had a pelvic ultrasound and that came out fine. Then two weeks ago prep work for 6 crowns, they get installed tomorrow. I've had problems with my feet which led to an Insulin Resistance test last week and I guess it did not go well as I have an appt tomorrow to discuss the results with my Dr. Also signed up for a wellness plan with Dr too so I had appointment about that and changing my diet and adding exercise. I've been to the gym twice this week so so far so good. Well now that I write all of this no wonder I am in overload....

I have been feeling like this challenge is passing me by and I am not accomplishing anything but I realize that is not the case. Its hard to see things sometime when they are right in front of your face. I have been taking this journal class and its really been awesome. I have singed up for another class on teaching journaling to young girls. Its going to be fun and hopefully lead to my own classes. I've been stalled on the writing but I made some decisions yesterday on how to move forward with my book so that feels good. So I guess things are gong good after all.

I hope you are all having a great day. Sometimes it seems like our view point of what we are doing is the thing that needs changing . Mine changed by doing this blog entry so it is possible.


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