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A gift from the Universe...Literally!


The gorgeous thing about the Universe, (or God, or angels or forces or good energy or spirits, whatever you call it that has meaning to you),  is that everyday there's always a gift. Sometimes its so subtle that you only realise it at night just before you drift off to sleep, and other times it'll be quite in your face. I like to think that it has a sense of humour - that wise, all-knowing kind of sense of humour. If you think about it, I bet you'll agree with me.


Anyway, so here I come to my story, this happened to me yesterday. First things first, a quick background: I always wear my hair-tie on my wrist, like a kind of bracelet. Recently, about a couple of weeks ago, I walked into a store and while buying myself something nice, I bought myself a couple of simple ropey/cord bracelets, each had a charm on them, my fave was the 3 leaf clover (or 'Shamrock' as it is called, it kind of sounds like my name, haha). They were for charity, and I thought ,'well, i do need something to disguese the hairband i wear on my wrist all the time'. I couldn't help feeling that it felt like good karma, or that they were lucky in some way. The only doubt I had, was that I felt it would've been cooler or 'better' if it were gifted to me, like it was a gift from the universe, or something like that. But,I forgot about it quite easily, 'cause I loved them just as it was, who's to say that me coming across it and buying them, wasn't they way that it was meant to be gifted anyway?! So, there I was, content as can be with my 'positive energy' charm bracelets.


Here comes the fun twist.

Yesterday at university, I met a friend of mine for a catchup chat, we were sitting on some grass somewhere and she looked to the ground and noticed flower petals scattered on the grass just where we were sitting. She exclaimed that she felt such a great sense of deja-vu, and that made me look at how the petals lay in the grass thinking how incredibly pretty it was. Immediately, I saw something in the grass just half a meter away. It was a grey,ropey bracelet, with a clover charm on it. I said "Oh my goodness, I must've dropped one of my charms,thank goodness I spotted it, I would've been so upset to lose it". And, instinctively, I looked at my wrist to mentally note the missing bracelet -BUT, both my bracelets were on my wrist, secure and perfect.

So, it then occurred to me, that the bracelet in the grass was another bracelet. And, there was nobody nearby to whom it could belong. I went and retrieved, and wore it imediately, and it has joined my other bracelets on my wrist.

Thanks Universe for my gift,what a cool way to surprise me!!!

Hmmm....So, Have you ever had a 'gift' like that randomly pop up? I'm sure you have a story too...xoxo


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Comment by Shammy on October 20, 2011 at 11:58pm
Totally agree Charlie hunz!!! that kinda stuff always happens to me, its so funny!! Keep reading my blog and you'll see, it'll be entertaining with all the random happenings lol. I'm sure it happens to you aswell!!! xoxo
Comment by Charlie Cakes on October 12, 2011 at 10:40am

Ur story is pretty amazing Shammy! I love when small, seemingly insignificant things like that happen, that remind us that God cares about us and remembers us! Lovely! 


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