The 100 Day Reality Challenge

As part of my 100 day challenge, I will be developing some material that will be utilized for articles, future blog posts, published in book format, or for personal development. Considering these entries convey my personal sentiments, I would appreciate if readers engaged in constructive dialogue rather than critique. I am only human and therefore am prone of falling victim to external scrutiny, regardless if your perspective is rightly or wrongly rooted in your interpretation of my prose. In all actuality, what I am trying to say is the following:


"In hopes of uncovering delusions and exposing truth, I write for MySelf.  I feel as if my appreciation of Life is limited to my comprehension of language. Considering I see words as tangible references of the brain's natural perspectives, I hope to grow my mind by improving my understanding of life through the development of the language that I use to label and express life.


Since our brain communicates the living experience to our conscious,  it is limited in its ability to convey this holistic wonder if it is limited in its terms from which to draw upon. For example, we can see a flower as being hued, red, or  burgundy. While each chromatic reference is "true", the extent to which one can convey, imagine, and appreciate the true and subtle nature of the flower increases with our accuracy to detail.


In a sense, I consider myself a student of the cosmos and choose to live life as an amateur--always questioning and discovering what is so I can dream about and take action upon what is to come.  


It is a process of discovery as well as scrutiny. It is a process of faith as well as skepticism. It is a process of trial and error. As is the same with life, it is a means to balance.


So please be courteous in your sharing of any considerations so they can be enthusiastically entertained."


Best Regards,




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