The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I’m happy of this day. I am doing something for a person, my father, with a person that I love, my husband. I fill proud of myself.

The work in my father’s leaving-room is proceeding. We have pushed the furniture, picked the paintings, put the drop clothes on the floor and on the furniture, protect the surround of the windows and the doors with the adhesive tape. We have also finished the coating for the cracks.

The program for tomorrow is to sand down the walls, and put two coats of paint.

If we manage to do this tomorrow, Monday we will have to remove the drop clothes, the adhesive tape, to put the furniture, the books, objects and plants on there shelves and the paintings and the mirror on the wall.

For my English, I watched a little bit of English TV (news), I understood only the non native English speakers, who use simple words and a more familiar accent.

I read a Shakespeare sonnet with a translation in French and three pages of a book about meditation (in English to of course).

I subscribe to a one month free trial on the Gymglish website.

I have also put a book with English lessons on my hand bag, so I can read it in the train.

At the end I sum my day on my computer (one hour to write this post).

Now it’s time to go to bed.

Good night every body!


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