The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Time to analyze the month of February:

1. Started off cold and slow. Nothing wrong with easy smooth days.

2. Networked with new people for my future awesome film/video editing job. Haven't heard back…yet but its all good.

3. Stepped out of my comfort zone more and more by uploading a short film I made to youtube. Positive intention.

4. Went to a small concert gig on my own with zero friends. Talked to some lovely people. Young independence.

5. Didn't get accepted into film collective but had the opportunity to speak with a dude involved in the process of applying. Cool dude.

My goals for the month of March is to continue stepping out of my comfort zone, find good positive work, and laugh more. Good vibes and good intentions. Maybe I'll meet a cool dude? Maybe not. Fun.

Peace- Stacey

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