The 100 Day Reality Challenge

a promise to cherish and nurture day 19 season 2

hello co-creators!

the emotional clearing out continues!

i came face to face with a situation that brought up many emotions.

for the first time since i married, i entered the space where we were wed.


i moved through it.

i did it.

im still here.

i believe the universe led me there so that i may continue to clear out emotional space.

i am so grateful that i know how to take care of myself through this process by reaching out to those i trust and who can support me.

the universe spoke through my friend when she reminded me that however difficult the experience was, that i did it, and it is good to start, to be open.

i embrace the part of me that is emotionally hurt so that i can be healed.

the release continued, as i went to the dentist today.

i came face to face with the fact that i had not been there in quite so time.

the protective part of me, was so angry that i had not been more consistent with this kind of self care.

an ankle that had been hurt and cavities!

i reached my limit.

i cried and screamed, and cried and screamed some more. i cried for all the ways i have been abandoned, by myself. i cried for my strong God given heart.

i cried and made a promise, a commitment, and oath, a vow to care for this woman, me...mind, body, and soul... first.

to cherish and nurture this mind, body, and soul of mine first!

"if you can't love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else"

i cried and screamed for the beautiful woman who deserves so much care and love.

and im thankful.

i release this hurt today.

i am grateful for the ability to release these emotions.

setting intentions is powerful!

the way this intention has manifested is not how i imagined, but turns out to be what i need.

i thank the universe for providing me with ways to release that which does not serve me.

i am thankful for quietude where i can rest and relax.

i have set 10 more days for clearing out that which does not serve me.

i wonder what is next?!?!

i deserve the best in life and so do all of you.

sending love and light for a beautiful way of life.



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