The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Not really got a huge amount to say here right now, keeping a lot of stuff limited to Facebook - this year has not got off to the best of starts ,this week being particularly bad and I hope it calms down a bit, issues with landlord and at work, or rather they've had issues with me. Yuck, really hate dealing with these sorts of situations. Other than that things have been okay.

In terms of writing, I am starting to do a bit of poetry again and here is one I started last weekend, it needs at least one more verse I think.


Wanna do what I wanna do
Desks and computer don’t quite do it
Picking up the pen, inspiration flowing
Money doesn’t seem to matter so much

Lost in a world where time flies by
The world of the saying ‘follow your bliss’
Doing what my soul was born to do
Re-emerging from the mist

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Comment by Andy B on January 17, 2013 at 2:35pm

I'm about to start looking for other jobs once I finish revamping my CV, which I might actually be able to do at home since Microsoft Word is installed on my laptop which I didn't expect. Not sure yet about relocating, I'm a bit happier now I've been going out and meeting people - but will keep an open mind x

Comment by Raizel on January 17, 2013 at 8:14am

I wish you that things will take a more positive turn as soon as possible. Out of curiousity, as you said yopu intend to travel or even relocate later this year, how long do you think you will be staying at your current job? I hope you will find a way to make your work more pleasant in the meantime.

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