The 100 Day Reality Challenge

A Request For All CoCreators of this World!!!!! Please read and consider~

Ye old site was down for awhile, but now it's back up! yay!

I was gonna start out with the usual contrast but changing mind thing, but I realized that I do that often.  So that has probably helped to keep the negative around and SO, I know better than that!!!!

What was going thru my mind was that if every single person on this site, sent one thought daily or every few days or however it works for you, about:

~visualizing the Earth healing, (see in your mind the water clearing up and animals and people drinking from it, see the trees coming back and bigger and stronger,  see happy people and thriving animals, see the air clear and crisp like never before and even imagine towns, cities or some other utopia you can imagine as really true) OR/AND

~Intending for all those things, intending for humans to gain ethics and become kinder and gentler towards eachother, end of battle and war, becoming more consciously aware, etc...

Intention can be said out loud or not,

~Write it, speak it, think it one or all 3

If everyone here did this, and really believed it. I think change will happen.

I myself have tried this with just family members that came down on me at my most vunerable moment.  I'm over the resentment, I've moved on, but I did try this out on them.  I saw them as happy and treating me well and everything opposite of what they had been doing.  I was thrilled with it. because the next day, it all happened.  Everytime a thought came up that it wouldn't happen, I'd say, yes it will and cancelled the negative thought.  

It really worked, so I know if others did this FOR EARTH and ALL PEOPLE AND LIVING BEINGS HERE, it would seriously change things.

I have seen what's going on and people on this site and other LOA-ers elsewhere could be shifting this. Just alittle bit could make such a difference!!!!

I hope everyone will consider and just do it, like a habit.  Thankyou!!!!

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Comment by CalmWind2 on January 8, 2018 at 11:35am

Hey Sunny! Great!  Yay!!!!! Thanks!

Comment by Sunny Side Up on January 7, 2018 at 4:47pm

HI Calm Wind! So good to see you! I came back just 2 weeks ago and I was sad to see everyone gone. I want to tell you that I AM HERE WITH YOU! Let's co-create our reality! :) <3

Dear Universe, I ask that all humans gain ethics and become kinder and gentler towards each other and also towards animals and our Mother Earth. Thank you!


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