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Hello fellow co-creators and riderrs of the universal wave..

I promised on a posting on another person's site that I'd tell a little story about a camera this evening, and here it is. Its not so much about the camera but what happened around it. I start at the beginning. I have a camera, which I am learning to use, (its slow). 2 months ago I started seeing little black specs on my pictures and in the view finder - dust! Well some parts of dust removal on the camera you can do yourself and some parts its better to get done professionally if yo are not an expert - and I am not. This means send the camera away and wait - 6-8 weeks I was told - to get it back. 6-8 weeks????!! faffed and prevaricated, and lo, still dust on the pics and view finder (!). And time was passing.....

I was listening to some Hicks material last Saturday. "YOU are in charge of YOU" it said. All of a sudden - well OK 30 mins later - that seed thought blossomed in my mind. I was galvanised into action. "The only one that is going to get this camera fixed, is ME" I thought, and off out of the door I went, camera in back pack, to the camera shop.

Now: I knew all this intellectually, that it was down to me. What suddenly had me in motion and feeling very determined about it? I'm not sure. And I'm not sure I care; I just enhjoyed the difference.

So at the camera shop, the young chap who served me got talking. He shouldn't tell me this, (he said) but I could send the camera away to a professional phootgrapher's repair shop in London, and it might take less time. And yes, there was a local photography club (another thing I had wanted to do something about but hadn't) and this club meets on friday evenings which means that even if i am away from home for my job in the week (often the case) I could attend on a friday night. Man. The next day I looked up the place he'd recommended - repair or clean turn around time is 3-4 days, and they'd also courier the camera back and forth to where I work.

I guess when I started moving in the right direction, things start moving with me?!

I still can't adequately explain the difference between saying "yeah, I have to action this thing myselff" (and then not doing anything) and thinking/ feeling: "OK its down to ME alone," and feeling impelled to get up and do whatever it was - in this case go to the camera shop. Its strange. It made me laugh a bit at myself (gently).

Anyway the camera goes off to the repair place tomorrow am.... so there we are!

best wishes, M'ha xxx

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