The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I haven't been too active on this site lately...mainly because Life has exploded in a million ways that I am just in the midst of watching and saying "thank you" for.  Over and over again, I bow my head to my heart in gratitude, I touch the floor in humility.  To have so many unreal, and incredible.  To know that I created them, that I planted the seeds and called the Universe and because I am That, That responded incredibly, fully and more sweetly than I could have imagined.

It is true.  The Universe responds to the nature of our Song. 

My practice is exploding: new patients seek me out!  They walk in, call the office, chat with me in stores, find me on the streets.  People need chiropractic care, they need to be offered a place in which THEIR process is both respect, and allowed to FLOURISH.  They ignite my passion for what I do, and I hold them safe in my soft-green-space and let them emote, or make noise, or get upset, or ask questions, or be stunned to silence by the Immense Power they hold within ThemSelves.

Loving relationships abound!  Heart spaces return from over-seas, new and old friends and soul-spaces are kindled for sharing and shedding light each other's paths.  Ram Dass said, "We are all just walking each other home."  How appropriate for my life at this moment.

Food has become a source of nourishment, fun and delicious play for me.  Less grain, less sugar (even though I didn't eat processed sugar before, really), less animal products:: less fear vibrations into my body.  This allows me to vibrate and emanate LOVE more fully.  For everything: for uncomfortable weather, and symptoms my body may experience, for patterns that no longer serve me...I send them Love, and let them GO.

It is beautiful, and messy, and utterly complicated until it is perfectly simple: this Human Experience as a Daughter of Light.

Blessings, and may Your Blessed Way be Open 

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Comment by Kay on March 30, 2012 at 7:53pm

OH WOW!!! This blog is VERY powerful & inspirational, like nudge to remind me that its all very simple!

THANK YOU for sharing!!!

I wish you all the best on your continued blissful journey!!! :o) xxxx

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