The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I've been thinking a lot about how I feel passing homeless on the street. Truth is, I don't really feel I'm acting in integrity with myself by refusing them money, even if it's just a bit of change. So yesterday, I gave a man who hangs out near the dance studio for a dollar, and we ended up talking for a bit. His name's Takoshka (as close as I can spell it), and he's been on the street for a year and a half. See, my thinking is that a lot of homeless people stay homeless in Toronto, not because there aren't programs to take care of them, not because they have some mental illness that prevents them from finding work (most of them don't), but because nobody expects or believes they can pull themselves up, and so they've given up hope. It's a small thing, but maybe I can help them just by showing that I see them, that I recognize their humanity, and that I believe in them.

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