The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Achievement #197 - People can replenish your energy

I knew yesterday was going to be hard when my eyes started burning within a few minutes of getting up. I was facing a long day, and I hadn't slept well. Usually, this would be a day of hibernating on the computer whenever I could, while avoiding conversation with anyone else. But some social habits are starting to stick, I guess. As it happened, I had a lot of good conversations, from another teacher in the morning to my life coach in the evening. And the amazing thing was I didn't feel depleted by my last lesson - in fact, it was one of the better lessons I taught! It got me thinking, what if other people didn't take your energy through conversation? What if you sapped your own energy by not acting from your integrity - knowing where to set boundaries with others for example, or agreeing to things you don't believe in just to fit in? Something to meditate on later...

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