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I HATE talking about money with my students, to the point where I need to think hard about why I resist the topic so much. Sometimes, when a student's program is running out however, I have no choice. As I explained the options to a student yesterday, she expressed concerns about being able to afford it, and I started getting the familiar slimy feeling I get when trying to decide whether I should keep pushing options, or just let it go. I decided for the latter when I realized I would rather lose a student than jeopardize my integrity. Thinking back, I know I made the right decision, and I'm glad I didn't let my own financial worries push me into putting my own agenda before hers.

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Comment by DarknessCannotDriveOutDarkness on February 24, 2016 at 11:22am

My pleasure :) Often I find the other person isn't even aware they are imposing, because I've hidden my feelings out of a desire to avoid confrontation or hurt feelings. Sometimes, we need to speak our minds and not let our fears dominate us.

Comment by Jacqueline on February 24, 2016 at 6:32am

Great to read this. I was observing my Yoga teacher (who I admire alot) deal with this issue yesterday. Somebody came to try out his class (the first class is free in SEPTEMBER) not February! So he needed to pay 15€ & the class wasn't that easy to follow for a first-timer either...but my Yoga teacher didn't back down. I admired this because I would almost certainly have said he didn't have to pay. Putting myself out for others often causes me to feel resentment. Not a nice feeling in any Relationship - even Professional. Useful lesson. Thanks for sharing!

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