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I've been at the Toronto Salsa Festival this weekend - 3 days of workshops, performances, and dancing all night. Unfortunately, my fiancé hurt herself on the second day, and couldn't attend the workshops yesterday, or go social dancing. Which left me with a choice that was difficult to make at the time, because I suspected I was emotionally tied up in at least one of the options: Do I go social dancing without her, or forgo the dancing to spend time with her at home? I have a natural fear of dancing in public, despite my occupation, so it's tempting to say no to social dancing for that reason. On the other hand, neither my fiancé or myself wants to feel we're compromising a pleasurable part of our lives for each other. In the end, I imagined both scenarios - having a great time out dancing, or a relaxing night with her, and watched the feeling that came up with both. In the end, I'm glad I chose to come home - dance festivals come and go, but we are together for life :)

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