The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Achievement #254 - Nobody has power over what I feel

I've been getting cyber-stalked by an ex-student for months now. She messages me via Facebook, often making rude comments about my work or personal life, then deletes her profile so it can't be blocked. For a long time, I was getting more and more angry every time I saw one of her posts. It got so it didn't even matter what she wrote - just seeing that name again on the message board made me want to grind my teeth. However, after a long meditation yesterday, I thought about it from a different angle. Wasn't I just giving my power away by letting her affect me like this? Was she really doing any harm with her harsh words? She wasn't threatening me or my partner, she wasn't warning people away from the dance studio or hurting my business in any way. And the only way she could hurt my psychologically is if I allowed myself to be hurt. I was able to look at the messages and see through them to the poor scared soul trapped behind. Make no mistake, if she escalates things, I am fully prepared to respond with legal measures. But until then, I am taking back my power.

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