The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I sprained my wrist some time ago. Normally, this heals and goes away within the week, but this time it's persisted for over a month. I've had sports massage therapists work on it, with only temporary improvement. Then yesterday, I talked to our resident kinesiologist at the studio, and she tore me a new one for not seeing a physiotherapist - or even a doctor to look at it sooner. Apparently, I may have broken something in my wrist. For much of the day I was angry and frustrated about it. I imagined what a big deal it was going to be, when I'd thought it was a little thing. Then, I realized I could rephrase the dialogue that was running through my head to something positive. Seeing a physiotherapist would give me more understanding of how my body worked and the nature of my injury, which I can pass onto my students. Like all things in life, it was just another learning experience. Thanks universe!

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