The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Acknowledging and facing my fears - Days 96 - 99 of Season 8

Tomorrow is my Day 100, so I will leave my recap for tomorrow. I've posted and reposted my intentions about a million times and I think they really need to be revamped lol. I'm not prepared to do that now.

The purpose of this blog post is to come to terms with where I am right now so that I can leave my scarcity mindset behind in gratitude for what I have learned in this season. I am taking responsibility for the first step in moving forward to a place of inner peace and inner contentment, where I am committing to create tremendous value and deliver that value to my readers, clients, and potential clients.

This season has taught me that if I chase money, then I will always be chasing money. I have learned in this season as well as in season 7, that money ALWAYS comes. Whenever I am in need, MONEY COMES. The most effort that I have to expend in receiving that money is opening my mouth to ask the Universe for it.

My dream is to live in abundance by helping individuals to live their best life. My dream is to provide people with a realistic avenue that they can use to get out of the ruts they have thought themselves into. I do this through showing them how to build integrity in their purchases and through cleaning up their credit and through giving them access to free resources. I have become an expert at creating this value because I live it every day, and I have lived the hardest part of it over the past 3 years.

I am acknowledging that I feel less valuable because I do not have the educational qualifications that I want to help me with my business at this time. I am also acknowledging that Henry Ford had no more than an 8th grade education, and that there are millionaires made everyday with a high school education or less, and that I should be proud of what I have accomplished so far. I do not need degrees to prove my expertise - they only enhance it by labels.

I am acknowledging that today, I feel less confident about the value in the services I provide for credit because I do not believe that you have to hire someone to do credit repair for you in order for you to achieve the credit success that you desire, and I want to educate instead of doing credit repair for someone. I want to be paid to educate, not to do the work that someone should know how to do on their own. People find value in credit repair because they see the benefits that it provides in helping them raise their credit scores through deleting negative and erroneous data from their credit reports. I provide value through credit development because raising your credit scores and showing excellent credit behavior is much more than what credit repair offers. My confidence is less because I am trying to find a way to articulate that while providing that value to those who find it valuable and it is not as successful as I want it to be.

I am acknowledging that writing articles is wasting my time. Writing articles is providing a value for a client who does not have the ability to write as well as I do, however, the value that I want to receive in return is so much less than the value that I produce, that it makes me feel like I am selling myself short. I do not like to sell myself short, and I do not like to waste my time. I also acknowledge that this is the cause for my procrastination in writing, because I am not motivated to sell myself short by putting in work that I am not being paid my full potential for producing.

I acknowledge that with all of the time and effort that I have been putting into my work over the past 2 1/2 years, I have progressively made less money, not more, and I am currently not bringing in any money from the service that I provide. I also acknowledge that I am helping less people than I have helped in the past, which is causing the loss of my income. I also acknowledge that in realizing now that the creation of value and the delivery of that value has to be the most important, that I am making the commitment in this moment to change the area of focus that I have from beating myself up to creating and delivering value to pick up sales. I am good at what I do.

The time for my worry over money is over. The time for me to focus on the value that I want to create and deliver to others is right now. I will open my mouth and speak my desires to help others and to produce a benefit for my family in return that is more than I had imagined.

I am grateful for learning that I don't have to be book smart to be educated and qualified. I am grateful for learning that if i chase money out of lack and scarcity, I will only bring more lack and scarcity in my life. I am grateful for learning that people need to be reconnected to the ability to have more in their lives through the resource of KNOWING that they are powerful. Showing people that they are powerful will give them the ability to hire credit repair specialists while at the same time take action on their own to develop their credit the right way and avoid bad credit in the future.

I am grateful for knowing that my time is valuable. I will no longer devalue myself for the sake of money. I will no longer procrastinate because I will make sure that my time is put into projects that motivate me and make me feel that I am contributing to a greater good, and not to overcome a scarcity or lack of things.

I am grateful that I am valuable. I am grateful that I create value. I am grateful that I can deliver that value successfully.

Thank you Universe for my current state of peace, contentment, and desire to create and deliver that value.

Much Love,

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Comment by Poetry Girl aka mytruestory85 on August 1, 2009 at 1:44pm
Hi there,

wow tomorrow it's your 100th day WOW :))
you are more valuable than you can imagine!! Great blog!!


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