The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I picked up my new favorite book that I ask random questions of. I closed my eyes, pictured my beautiful Yogananda's face and asked "Today what do I most need to know?"

And as ALWAYS he guides without failing:


Through the Eyes of God

Spirituality is natural goodness. God is not a person; God is a Presence personified in us. Spirituality is not a thing; it is the atmosphere of God's Presence, goodness, truth and beauty. ~~~Dr. Ernest Holmes


How do you view your life today? Most of us are so deeply rooted in the world of work, people, conditions, places, and things that we seldom think of taking time to step  back and see our lives through the eyes of God. When we do, it is easy to remember that God is all there is and that we are the living embodiment of the divine. This remembrance tends to encourage us to walk, talk, and act with a greater sense of reverence. In that realization, every moment, every thing, and every one becomes sacred. Practicing the presence of God is the practice of spirituality. It's that simple- and that hard. How is your practice going?

Mindfulness practice: Remembering that God is all there is, imagine what God must be experiencing through you every time you enter into that sacred space of being aware that you are one with it.

Now go look in a mirror and realize that this is God looking at Itself. Amazing realization, isn't it?

~~~Excerpt from "The Art of Being" by Dennis Merritt Jones


I don't think I can top that so I'll end there.

Happy cocreating to all you God's in Bods!




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Comment by Miracle Maker on April 30, 2011 at 1:49pm
WOW Carrie! That is simpley magnificent! In this day that my Trust comes and goes, when I am bouncing between my empowerment and my fear... This text came as a HUGE blessing! Thank you!

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